Taxing our food

The city has hired a concessionaire for the four new water parks.

Take a look at this:

Yes, now the city will get to tax you on the food you eat at a city park.

We deserve better


14 Responses to Taxing our food

  1. James W Peterson says:

    Will that be a better deal for the City than the ballpark/soccer stadium? The City will be building the concession’s operation footprint. Will the rent reflect the current market?


    • Fed Up says:

      We get zilch from the ballpark food and beverage concessions or merchandise sales. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Mountainstar keeps 100%. If the waterpark concessionaire sells a couple of million dollars, the 18% they pay might actually exceed what Mountainstar pays annually in rent for the ballpark. I wonder why the city didn’t negotiate that tough on the ballpark lease agreement.


      • JerryK says:

        If you recall the FOIA email trail, Wilson effectively downloaded the AAA terms directly from Mountainstar to the the Council floor bypassing public commentary except at one CC meeting where it was a done deal. So much for negotiation. Then Carmen A-C blessed the business case and missed the total by $20MM, i.e., what in El Paso passes for a CFO review and earning her the title of Ms. Fuzzy Math. Now she runs the numbers for EPISD.

        Did the videos of those two CC meetings “disappear?” Because I saw Paul Foster telling CC that MS would donate the team profits to local charity.

        Pay to play, the El Paso way.


        • Glad You Brought That Up says:

          It was Woody that said in a council meeting that Mountainstar would donate its profits, but when asked if they would open their books, he was quick to say no. He said we would have to “trust” them.

          The subject of donating profits has never come up again publicly and no one in a position of power has ever dared to ask them about it. You and I both know that owners can engineer losses by charging management fees, etc.

          Josh Hunt said the ball club was their “gift to El Paso.” If so, it’s like being on the receiving end of the Trojan horse.


  2. Anonymous says:

    No problem !
    Tell the kids no we are not buying food !
    Take a picnic basket!
    Who is the parent and who is the child?


  3. Fact says:

    The city lets Mountainstar keep 100% of the revenue from its ballpark concessions.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Remember Western Playland and Ascarate Park . The city raised the taxes so high Western Playland moved to New Mexico like everyone is doing. Maybe families in El Paso should spend Sunday protesting the grief the greedy and sold outs have hoisted on our city. The city should make monuments to city council liars and impotent despots. Have fun in the sun!


  5. Rico Suave says:

    Western Playland was on EL Paso County property- NOT city-as I recall


  6. Anonymous says:

    And Tommy Gonzales should find a different bone to suck on. Hopefully his days here are over. Please go away!!


  7. Anonymous says:

    Recall or know


  8. Anonymous says:

    City policies only benefit Las Cruces. We pay for the stick they hit us with( the people who vote) the others get what they deserve


  9. Anonymous says:

    Maybe come up with a plan to “TAX” speeders, reckless drivers, people Texting, driving drunk, etc. Now in El Taxo that would be some real money. Tax, waste, spend, waste, tax some more.


    • Hiding from John Dungan says:

      The city passed an ordinance against talking on a handheld phone while driving and then turned around and chose not to enforce it. The city also has millions and millions of dollars in uncollected fines. When they print the list in the paper each year, it requires a special section that is bigger than the Sunday edition.


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