More public art

We evidently have enough money to do this:

These are luxuries.

We deserve better


7 Responses to More public art

  1. Art is not a luxury. says:

    If art is a “luxury,” then let us eliminate all art education from our schools. Let us close any art museums. Let us stop supporting the El Paso Symphony Orchestra. Let us stop supporting any venue that even takes a single dollar of taxpayer money, like the Plaza Theater. Tell Creative Kids to pack up and leave town. KTEP should immediately switch over to Rush Limbaugh 24/7 and stop playing that “luxury” music they play all day.

    What a sad silly post.


    • Ticked off taxpayer says:

      We raise taxes supposedly because of budget shortfalls in things like police, fire and road construction. Stuff like this that would be easy to delete is never mentioned when Council is looking for things to cut. None of the art installed except for continuation of the 12 Travelers is really art that will stand the test of time. 20 years from now, the windmills and most of the traffic circle decorations will be junked as too difficult to maintain. In the meantime, good art is leaving—like the Vaquero /bronco statue that used to be in front of the Art Museum. In short, in spite of better funding for art, we seem to be sacrificing quality for quantity purchasing stuff that looks like it came out of one of those tin “art” sellers on Doniphan and pretending it gives us culture.

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      • John Dungan says:

        If you think that taxes are raised “supposedly because of budget shortfalls” in any area, you have just revealed a big part of why you are a ‘ticked off taxpayer!” Taxes are levied to fund the budgets for whatever services the taxing entity is to provide the taxpayers. And, that must include Art.


        • Translation Required says:

          It sounds like you are suggesting that art is somehow a basic, necessary service that government “must” provide.


        • Ticked off taxpayer says:

          Actually, John, take a look at Nashville. They’ve been so successful in attracting private investment and corporate headquarters, taxes are dropping. The funding for art in their city is also predominantly provided by private sources. The idea that our near bankrupt city should be raising taxes to buy the crap we now call art is ludicrous. And fiscally responsible entities cut budgets when spending starts outstripping revenues. My point was that the budget overruns last year that triggered the city’s need to raise taxes were less than the art budget. I wonder if the city had gone to taxpayers and said we need to raise taxes to afford art (vs the safety and roads spin) if there would have been a bigger backlash.


    • Evidently not sad or silly enough to keep you from reading it and providing your sad commentary..

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  2. Anonymous says:

    As soon as all the facts are known by all, I truly hope the people that perpetuated these crimes, especially the ugly “art”go to jail. It is the least these guys could do. Not only greedy but dopes as well.


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