Call for articles

In the past readers have sent us articles that they feel deserve the attention of the followers of this blog.

We take this opportunity to remind everyone that we would enjoy posting guest articles as long as they are civil and are not personal attacks on individuals.

We deserve better


16 Responses to Call for articles

  1. Anonymous says:

    i would enjoy reading an article about why democrats embrace socialism.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I can remember when the biggest, longest running joke in the country was about people with what was called a Napoleonic-complex.

    the joke was how they believed they were something they were not, and that others had to accommodate them, humor their delusion.

    Now you can believe you are one of 63 genders, and change your mind at any time, and society has to honor your belief.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Besides John Dungan, who here engages in personal attacks? I ask because you keep posting about civility and personal attacks.

    I have only ever seen John Dungan engaging in this type of behavior. He attacks people who post “anonymously”, people who post about Robert Francis O’Rourke, people who post about socialism, people who post about Trump.

    Pretty much everyone he disagrees with he makes some disparaging remark about their character, their motivation, etc. He claims that people are too stupid to go read a link he claims is proof of something he doesn’t say specifically, i.e. he engages in intellectual dishonesty.

    Is there somebody else who is doing that that your warning is meant for? Otherwise why not just tell him that other people are allowed to have their own opinions and views regarding a variety of things, such as politics and politicians.


  4. Socialist Wins ’Live Free or Die’ State says:

    Socialist Wins ’Live Free or Die’ State


  5. comrade anonymous says:

    I’d like to read an article about Bernie Sanders accomplishments after 40 years in the Senate.


  6. Russian Bot says:

    Has it ever occurred to anyone that Joe Biden cannot win the nomination of his own party, despite being the two-term Vice President of Barack Obama?

    Why is that?

    It’s not because he is way too touchy-feely. He has been given a pass for that.

    It’s not because he says stupid things on a daily basis. He has been given a pass for that.

    It’s not because he has championed policy and laws in the past that are now deemed to have been racially motivated, or otherwise disparately affected the African-American population. He has been given a pass for that.

    It’s not because he is very old, and seems to be having mental acuity issues associated with old age. He has been given a pass for that.

    So why is it that his own party doesn’t seem to want him to be President?


    • JerryK posting anonymously says:

      The DNC does want him but the electorate doesn’t. This must give the Dem party leadership hemorrhoids as they watch Bernie soar and the only other popular candidate – Buttigieg – hoping to get the first dance with his male partner at the inauguration ball. You couldn’t make up the optics on this shit.

      I predict Trump will take 40 states if this keeps up. Look for a divided convention where they pump a little more formaldehyde into Hillary and she swoops in on her broom as the savior of democracy.


      • anonymous says:

        “hoping to get the first dance with his male partner at the inauguration ball” sounds like you have a problem with gay people


        • Anonymous says:

          I would say it is you who saw something “gay” in his statement, and that you have a problem with gay people.

          This is what I meant about Dungan’s posts, he simply demeans the writer because he cannot effectively respond to what is written.

          Trump is going to win because all you know how to do is insult the people you cannot convince to vote for your loser candidates.

          And, rest assured, Trump will win reelection for 2020. Thanks to you and people like you.


        • Anonymous says:

          Much has been written about Buttigieg winning and dancing with his male partner. Apparently you are the one with a gay people problem since you find it derogatory. JerryK is merely talking about a subject of common discussion.

          You should worry less about Mayor Pete’s lifestyle and more about not labeling everyone you meet.

          Try some diversity and tolerance.


  7. Mayor Cook for President says:

    John Cook should run for President. If “Mayor Pete” is qualified, so is Cook.

    America needs a new baseball stadium for the wealthy to house their hobby teams…


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