Open line Saturday

It’s Saturday.

What’s on your mind?

We deserve better


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  1. Party of Tolerance and Diversity says:


  2. We Don't Need No Stinking Passports says:


  3. He Coulda Been a Contender says:


  4. I See Dumb People says:


  5. So Much Winning says:


  6. What's in a Name says:


  7. Democrats Socialists says:


  8. James W Peterson says:

    After years of being closed the swimming pool on Chelsea is going to be turned into something else. There is a bunch of “quality of life” project money we apparently voted for. Are certain areas of the City benefiting more than others from those dollars?

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    • bond watch says:

      The QOL Bond rec centers in District 3 and 7 in the Valley were supposed to include libraries.
      District 3 got a rec center and book drop off.
      District 7 only got a rec center.


    • Ciry Management says:

      We are going to fill the pool with dirt, sprinkle some seeds, and call it a park.


  9. Jerry Kurtyka says:

    If you are looking to do something interesting this afternoon, this is what I’ve been doing:

    Project Drawdown is a science-based plan to reverse climate change due in part to greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and using researched and modeled solutions that already exist. A free introductory seminar on Project Drawdown and how you can get involved will be held Saturday February 15, 3PM-5PM in the auditorium of the Dorris Van Doren Public Library Branch, 551 Redd Road, El Paso, TX. Contact: Jerry Kurtyka; 915-526-6297; ;

    Thank you, Brutus. The more, the merrier 🙂


  10. Disgusted says:

    Brutus, it’s time to do something to prevent the hijacking of the comments section.


  11. Disgusted says:

    It’s safe to say that one person is responsible for all of the comments today that included tweets. And clearly that person can’t think for himself. That’s why he has to cut and paste.


    • Russian Bot says:

      Where does it say only people you approve of can post? You seem to only be disgusted by things that demonstrate intolerance and a lack of diversity of the Democrat party.

      Comrade Stalin would be proud of you. If only you could make people you don’t like wear some type of emblem to make them easier to spot, lik a star…


  12. John Dungan says:

    I know it is late, but instead of all this drivel that was posted yesterday, and the copy and paste of more drivel, maybe somebody should have asked what people think about the City’s announcement that the Environmental Dept. is going to cut back on the Recycling pickup. Maybe some discussion of what could be done to make recycling work? Anything? Instead, y’all have the gall to accuse some unknown person of being me? Whatever you think of me, let me remind you: I stand behind my words.


  13. Robbing Peter Again to Pay Paul says:

    We the taxpayers just gifted Paul Foster another million or so for his new private jet operation at the airport. It is named Million Air, which is as tacky and nouveau riche as you can get. This is an expense that will benefit less than one hundredth of one percent of El Paso residents, yet he gets another gift while our streets turn to shit.


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