EPISD–students suffer

The original post was incorrect.

Rather than continuing with an incorrect conclusion I have removed the original text with a commitment to be more careful next time.


8 Responses to EPISD–students suffer

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been saying this for years. Teaching is no longer the goal of public schools. Teacher and administration wages are the goal, and students merely represent a means to that end.

    The public school system has been overtaken with people whose purposes are at odds with those of the public, yet no one does or says anything about it, least of all politicians.


    • Dan Wever says:

      Anonymous, you remind me of the joke where a guy gets on a plane and sits next to a little girl about 10. He askes her if she would like to talk during the flight and she asks what they will talk about and he is a software vendor for Charter schools says we can talk about how bad your teachers and public schools are! She says Ok but could she ask him a question first and he says sure. She says deer, cows, and horses all eat the same food, grass but they poop differently, the deer poop in little balls and the cow’s poop in flat patties and the horses go in clumps. The man thinks for a minute and says I have no idea, with which the little girl replies Why in the world would you want to talk about bad teachers and bad public schools when you don’t know shit?


  2. Reading is hard says:

    You got this backward. The red is where they are projecting to overspend the adjusted budget. It looks like the original instruction budget was $280m, they increased it to $318m and they still plan to overspend.

    We deserve better…blogging.


    • Brutus says:

      You are absolutely correct.

      I read the entire chart backwards.

      Rather than make the damage worse I am removing the original post with a mental note to be more careful in the future.

      Thank you



  3. Anonymous says:

    Then add to this travesty you have both parents working to pay property taxes.

    School, City, County and Federal.

    Record highs here in El Paso and parents having to figure out to support their Families.

    Then they are required to sell candy paper have fund raisers for their child’s school. Only to be told the parents don’t care.

    The district which is the largest employer in the city of El Paso therefore it is their employees who are the parents don’t care if classrooms suffer and central office is over funded.

    You voted for these people, you put the power in their hands so think before you vote use your head not your feelings.

    You can only stop this nonsense unless you demand accountability and throw the poverty pimps out!


    • WTF says:

      There are no Federal property taxes.

      What is “candy paper”?

      Your use of the word “you” makes it sound as though you voted correctly and everyone else voted wrongly.


  4. JerryK says:

    Is it true that EPISD teachers cannot fail students or enforce simple disciplines ( like no cellphone use in class) ?


    • Anonymous says:

      They have to allow any failing grades to be re-done until the student passes that assignment. Discipline has been that way for a while. Something called PBIS. All discipline has to be “positive reinforcement”


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