Texas charter school funding

I’ve been asked to compare public charter school funding in Texas to independent school district funding.

I found this on the txcharterschools.org web site:

We deserve better



6 Responses to Texas charter school funding

  1. Who is drinking Koolaide now? says:

    So much wrong with that graphic. Forst off, consider the source: TXCHARTERSCHOOLS.ORG? I am sure that they are not biased.
    Let’s just start with the fact that Charter Schools funding sources include private, non regulated funds. They left that off. Let’s add the part that the more charter students are added, the less funds flow to ISDs.

    Brutus, two public school posts in a row that are way off…


  2. Apollo CREEED says:

    CREEED is all about the Charter schools.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Charter schools can kick kids out for having bad grades, bad behavior, being special ed, etc. They’re just secular private schools being given taxpayer money they don’t deserve.

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