Hand sanitizers

I wonder if there will be any negative effects of our current frequent use of hand sanitizers.

I remember learning that not all bacteria are bad, that some help us.

Can any of our readers enlighten us?

We deserve better


14 Responses to Hand sanitizers

  1. Coronavirus says:


  2. Ticked off taxpayer says:

    I’m noticing irritation and have had to up my use of hand creme, but for the time being it makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is the frequency of messages we don’t need on the city’s emergency messaging system. When you hit folks with alerts multiple times a day that tell you to wash your hands or announce that we now have new cases (but don’t tell you where they are located in the city), you basically “brand” the system as a source of dated and useless news instead of the early warning system it should be. Someone needs to reassign the idiot currently running that messaging system before everyone that signed up for it starts blocking those useless calls, texts and emails. Up until this, it was pretty good for judgment on notifications that needed to be sent out. But it is currently out of control. One of my friends said her doctor’s office got 40 calls from them yesterday.


    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t believe the 40 calls unless they have 20 different phone lines. We received two or three calls from the system over the past two days.


      • tickedofftaxpayer says:

        I think the problem is that people gave office direct dial numbers as contact info. In a combined practice with several doctors, nurses and office staff that isn’t an unbelievable number.


  3. John Dungan says:

    Personally, and speaking as a retired RN, I hate the use of hand sanitizers. I do think they tend to leave the hands too dry, and I know that my hands still feel dirty after using them. I prefer frequent hand washing, and have practiced it all my life, on and off the job. That is still my recommendation for everyone, whether or not we are in the throes of a pandemic. I cringe when I see others walk right past the sinks on their way out of a public restroom. Of course, one problem with public restrooms is that too many of them lack hot water, or soap, or paper towels.


  4. Bio Hazard says:

    Evidently . . … El Pasoan’s NEED to be reminded several times a day as I see YESTERDAY folks coming in and out of stores with 4-5 and 7 kids dancing, touching their faces, fingers in noses, touching every thing in sight, as if they have NO CLUE to what’s going on.
    Grab a shopping cart, go shopping, touch everything in the store, stand too close to other customers (that SOME MOVE away) but the kids and parents just keep getting closer and closer to other customers.
    They go to their car, touch the door handles of the cars, get in and touch everything INSIDE the car, and then drive off.
    I see a FEW that get in their car and STOP and use alcohol or hand sanitizer . . . BEFORE they start the engine.
    The teenagers are still laughing and touching everything and each other and WAY too close to other customers.
    Same deal, they just get in the car with parents and drive off.
    No such attempt to sanitize before carrying everything from the store home with them.

    Oh well.
    They are carrying everything home to grandma and grandpa.


  5. Oralé says:

    Idiot employees at Charlie Clark Nissan yesterday acted like nothing was going on, standing all together, sharing popcorn, offering popcorn and coffee to people coming in, having everyone sit in the service dept together…Casa Nissan on the other hand, had you wait in your car, came out, offered hand sanitizer, met individually, and called you from your car when ready to service your car.


    • Ticked off taxpayer says:

      Early this week I had a flat tire. My truck sent me an email to tell me about it first thing in the morning. My GMC app sent a free service person to change the tire (and we social dostanced). I then went to Discount tire who repaired free (since we buy tires there) and while I was there, the sales guy was wiping down chairs in the just about empty waiting room. Some businesses are taking it seriously. I was very pleased with both situations.


      • JerryK says:

        In 1995 when I first moved to Dallas, my tire had a slow leak. Someone suggested I take it to Discount Tire (we didn’t have those in Wisconsin where I hail from) and they fixed it for free. They wouldn’t even take my money that I offered.

        For 25 years now, I have bought all my tires at Discount including for my former spouse. I bet that’s 10 sets of tires or more. Never been disappointed, either.

        Relationships and the reasons for relationships are important and we’re going to learn that lesson now or not.

        I have no idea if Discount used hand sanitizer.


  6. Bio Hazard says:

    Just read. . . the virus is NOW jumping into pets, dogs so far.
    Or “back into animals”, if that is what happened in China.
    Dog died with coronavirus even though it’s human survived the virus.
    This THING is looking for active-warm-hosts, no matter.
    If it’s warm and breathing, it’s looking for it.


    • Ticked off taxpayer says:

      Fake news. There is a version of a different coronavirus that dogs can get—totally gastrointestinal. And there is a vaccine for that because that version has been around for decades. There has been one case in Hong Kong where a dog of an infected person tested positive then negative and never got sick. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Now that animal services is closed we don’t need panicky people abandoning pets they think may have the virus.


  7. Dr. Oz says:

    Eat yogurt and you’ll be fine.


  8. JerryK says:

    I’m surprised you can still buy hand sanitizer. The TP is gone. Is this our first taste of Bernie-style socialism?


  9. Not Amused says:

    This group can’t even discuss hand sanitizers without making it political.

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