A lesson in life

I wonder if our sudden difficulties will help younger generations understand that what we have can be taken from us without warning and that they should not expect life to always be easy.

We deserve better


5 Responses to A lesson in life

  1. Old people set the example for the young says:

    I wonder if the older generation will learn that hoarding toilet paper, always blaming others for your problems, being bigoted, electing idiots, lying to the nation during an emergency, and being rude even in times of crisis sets a poor example for the younger people?


    • Anonymous says:

      you don’t sound stupid at all. everyone else is the problem and you are perfect. it’s okay to blame everyone else and to be a bigot while you accuse others of bigotry. maybe you should look the word up.


  2. Don't worry, it's only the Apocalypse says:

    This crisis is going to melt a lot of snowflakes. If it helps them mature into adulthood and its obligations, it will have been an initiatory experience. No participation trophy, though.


    • Fair & Balanced says:

      Every age group has its share of people whose values leave a lot to be desired. I see a lot of selfishness in the boomer generation a lot of whom get hysterical and worry constantly about someone possibly taking something away from them. Yet it’s people in the “older” generation who are demanding free ballparks and tax subsidies for their businesses and office towers. As for all those young people your readers complain about? Just remember they are your children and grandchildren; if you don’t like their values or ethics, you have no one to blame but yourself. If they are weak or spoiled, it’s your own damn fault. Maybe you should not have given them everything. Maybe you should have encouraged them to sign up for the military at the age of 18.


      • Old Boomer says:

        Why aren’t young people politically active? That is the only way to stop the ongoing financial pillage of their city by Hunt, Foster and the developers that have made El Paso a so-called “sinkhole” city poised for bankruptcy with their vanity projects and corporate welfare. You have to 1) vote out the politicos who give it to them; 2) run for office yourself with a better platform; 3) organize a resistance movement.

        Boomers were politically active in their youth. Where do you think Civil Rights, Women’s Rights and the environmental movement came from. It certainly wasn’t their parents (who lived thru the Depression and fought WWII).

        Oh, and would you know where I can find some TP? Shelves are bare.


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