Open line Saturday

It’s Saturday.

What’s on your mind?

We deserve better


6 Responses to Open line Saturday

  1. Anonymous says:

    i got an email from the libre initiative about socialism vs capitalism and hispanics., claim your dream

    mexico is already socialist, so why not just stay there if it is so great?


    • Amo el capitalismo says:

      Si! Si! Tu capitalismo de libre mercado is muy magnifico. I like the part with taxpayer funded bailouts and subsidies for bancos and grandes corporaciones that mismanage their finances and fail to save for un día lluvioso. Capitalismo de libre mercado even works at the local level. Multimillonarios can get libre estadios de pelota para nada and campesino dinero for up to 30% of the cost of their grandes torres de oficinas that they say they cannot afford to construir without dinero de los campesinos. Viva el capitalismo Americano!

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      • Anonymous says:

        Then move to mexico where it is already socialist. that was my point to begin with, socialists always want to change successful economies, they never want to move to mexico, cuba, venezuela, argentina, etc. where socialism has already destroyed once vibrant economies. but keep thinking you are cute while you enjoy capitalism while making false complaints about it.

        every sarcastic remark you made about capitalism is exactly what makes socialism bad. you think socialist individuals like yourself should make decisions for everyone when you can’t string three sentences together in a row.

        why don’t you tell the truth about socialism? for example, if venezuela is so great why don’t you live there? why do people escape countries like cuba and venezuela, literally risking their lives, if those countries represent economic utopia?

        in venezuela mothers and housewives have resorted to prostitution to help feed their children. that must sound great to you. in mexico they have been doing that. i once paid a female pharmacist $8 for sex, she closed the store, took me in a room and earned her $8. then she reopened the store.

        socialism is such a great utopia if you are visiting and have money, not so much if you live there and need money. in venezuela today i could probably get the same deal for $3, and from a doctor.


  2. txmarine915 says:

    The County and City relative “soft” enforcement of said ordinance regarding “Stay at Home”. When will both County Judge and Mayor finally say enough??? Stern warnings have consistently done mothing more than spurn El Pasoans on.

    Big Box stores who fail to enforce the social distancing should have heavier fines against them. Even though theres a certain number of patrons per square footage of the buildings, there is still minimal enforcement. Even having a Fire Chief spot check these stores would be a considerable improvement.


    • Anonymous says:

      You do realize that a “big box store” can’t just start grabbing people and moving them around? also, a police officer can’t do it either if there isn’t a law.

      people need to be responsible for themselves and should be social distancing. but, you shouldn’t be so quick to ask that everyone lose civil liberties without even breaking any laws.

      otherwise, why not just start shooting people doing things you don’t like? at least that way somebody can shoot you, too, if you do anything they don’t like.

      either we have freedom and laws or we don’t. if you want big box stores to be responsible for people shopping then demand laws giving them authority. there is nothing a fire chief can do against a store that isn’t legally crowded.

      what you are describing is arbitrary enforcement on non-laws.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Guess we will Be locked Up thru 5 de Mayo and mother’s day!

    Are people so illiterate that they do not understand ENGLISH OR SPANISH

    Rates falling but not in EL PASO


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