Contributing to the panic

Our COVID-19 situation is not good.

Media reporting on the issue is not good either.

This headline is from a local news broadcast on April 18, 2019:

New death reported in El Paso as total cases soar above 500

The story contained this:

In addition to the man’s death, officials are reporting 23 new positive cases of the virus, bringing the total in the county to 505. There are now 25 hospitalized patients and ten who are in the ICU. Seven of the ten ICU patients are on ventilators, according to the City. The number of hospitalized patients is an improvement from Friday when 38 patients were hospitalized.


I have not found a source that has published a day-by-day accounting of the number of new cases so I had to look up each day individually.  Here is what I found:

    • Day                    New Cases
    • April 13                    46
    • April 14                    47
    • April 15                    58
    • April 16                    31
    • April 17                    23

Let’s hope that the trend continues.  For the benefit of our local media defines soar this way:  increase rapidly above the usual level.

We deserve better


8 Responses to Contributing to the panic

  1. Standing in line at Lowe's with 40 other people with no masks says:

    Health officials report 47 new cases of coronavirus
    Total number of cases: 587
    As of 4/21/20
    We are going backwards.


    • Brutus says:

      Could it be that we are doing more testing?


      • Standing in line at Lowe's with 40 other people with no masks says:

        Could it be that you are misinformed? Both are possibly and both could be correct.


        • anonymous says:

          To ask a question is not the same as being misinformed.

          Here’s another question for you. If you’re so concerned about COVID-19 spread, why were you standing in line at Lowes?


    • Reality says:

      All the people who don’t have to go to work are going shopping for nonessential stuff. The stay safe time is being treated as extra vacation.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Nope, the new number of cases today is 74. El Paso’s curve is not flattening.


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