Thank you local banks

Those El Paso businesses that use locally owned banks seem to have done better getting assistance under the Paycheck Protection Program than those dealing with the national banks.

It makes sense.  The fate of our local businesses is more important to our local banks than it is to the national mega-banks.  It also helped to have decision making authority right here where evaluations could be made without having to go up endless chains of command.

We owe the local banks and their employees our gratitude.

This was better



One Response to Thank you local banks

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s important for me to reply on this because it’s only fair. On one hand the company I work with used West star and they did a
    Fantastic job and they were very quick, detailed and attentive. However, I also had to deal with chase on a couple and they did a fantastic job. They were even calling over the weekend asking for further information. I felt for the most part the bankers seemed to really care and wanted to help the El Paso small businesses.


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