What about the public safety bonds?

The city budget is going to take a big hit because of the COVID-19 situation.

Two of our city representatives believe that the big quality of life projects should be postponed if not cancelled.

Shouldn’t they also be looking at the recent public safety bonds?

Can we afford a 90 million dollar police headquarters or a 30 million dollar fire headquarters?

Isn’t this 413 million dollars that we can avoid spending?

We deserve better


4 Responses to What about the public safety bonds?

  1. JerryK says:

    The collapse in HOT revenues puts the stadium bonds in play. How will we fund them? The bond referendum specfically stated that the HOT was for the stadium, but what happens when there’s no HOT? Do we pay it out of general fund revenues? Close libraries or clinics for AAA?

    Or bunt?


  2. Anonymous says:

    See CIP project update to City Council from April 13, 2020.

    Those projects are deferred.


  3. Joe says:

    By a vote of 6-2 city council choose to continue on with big, expensive projects even during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the city council and mayor sees it should be business as usual as long as their supporters want them. I think that the city really doesn’t care for anything except what their big backers want them to do.


  4. Russian Bot says:


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