Fact checking the mayor?

This came in from Max Grossman:

Dear Friends,
This past November 3, ABC-7 XTRA aired a discussion between Texas preservationist J. P. Bryan and Mayor Dee Margo over the “Arena” controversy. The following day I shared the KVIA video link to the debate and did my best to refute the errors and misinformation coming from Mr. Margo (below) while providing the attached documentation.
Mr. Bryan subsequently produced a video with the help of a professional firm, refuting point by point each of the Mayor’s false assertions.
Last night, Stephanie Valle and Erik Elken of KVIA channel 7 narrated a report announcing that Mr. Bryan has purchased nearly a half-hour of prime time on KVIA, scheduled for this coming Saturday at 6:30pm, during which he will air his video in its entirety and without commercial interruption!
The Mayor responded to the news about Mr. Bryan’s video by accusing him of “politicizing a pandemic.”
I invite everyone to tune in this Saturday and learn the truth.
We deserve better

2 Responses to Fact checking the mayor?

  1. Ticked off taxpayer says:

    This is great. I listened to the City Council debate on suspending the arena project. It’s time that voices other than the folks making money if it is built get heard.


  2. JerryK says:

    Politicizing a pandemic? Does that mean an arena will cure COVID, too? We all know there is no business case for one except, probably, handing it over to Mountainstar when it is clear the city can’t afford to run it.

    Sorry, Dee, your city has no credibility in the post-Wilson era. Everyone can see the real game now.


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