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13 Responses to Open line Saturday.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Democrats using forces of government against their political enemies. This is a despicable abuse of power.


  2. Ticked off taxpayer says:

    The Mayor’s country club maskless dinner is making news. I understand that you can’t eat with a mask. But why are we making restaurants jump through hoops and limit six diners to a table if maskless diners are going to be allowed to walk around the restaurant engaging in conversations with folks at other tables? The photos of the Mayor’s dinner showed that clearly happening (he said they were just stopping by to tell him what a good job he was doing). Juxtapose that against families too financially challenged to have country club memberships or go to restaurants who can’t socialize with nonresidents in their homes, backyards or public spaces and ask yourself, how is this current set of rules (wealthy can mix and mingle indiscriminately in restaurants but the poor can’t mix and mingle anywhere free) going to stop the spread? All it does is create a social justice motivation to have stealth gatherings plus set up restaurants as a much bigger factor in disease spread. And note, I’m not advocating shutting down restaurants, just suggesting that diners should not be able to table hop and that masks should be worn when a diner is not at a table. Similarly, if restaurants can be open (particularly when they don’t seem to be enforcing social distance), shouldn’t some accommodations be made for family gatherings of similar nature? Common sense guidelines might be better adhered to than the current edicts which are being ignored.


  3. I'm White, I'm Right! says:

    Margo demonstrates 1: White male privilege 2: Republican Hypocrisy 3: Lack of Leadership 4: Rich people don’t have to follow the rules all in a single picture:


  4. JerryK says:

    Do you think we might have reached peak corporate virtue signaling?


  5. Not a Rich Whitey says:

    Rich white people just make the rules. They don’t have to follow them. Yet, they will be the first to scream “The Rule of Law!” and “We are a country of Laws!”


  6. RF says:

    Election Is coming – VOTE MARGO OUT!!!


  7. Anonymous says:

    If the mayor wanted to show support for the reopening of local businesses, he should have gone somewhere other than the country club.


  8. Anonymous says:

    COVID-19 numbers in EL PASO CITY AND COUNTY.

    Perches Funeral home and H O P E are trying
    To get Mexican nationals back to Juarez for burial.

    How many of the Covid -19 Cases along All
    US BORDERS are citizens or legal residence.

    That ask how about the daily traffic to and from Juarez from residence and Us citizens Do they quarantine for
    14 days

    No answer from any local leader.

    And press doesn’t ask


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