Hospital census

I’ve been looking for a summary of local COVID-19 hospital statistics.

Mr. Moore over at recently published this:

While we have not had explosive growth in hospital admissions we are getting worse.

Please be careful.

We deserve better


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  1. Rich people are different than you and me says:

    Dee “I don’t need no stinking’ mask” Margo doesn’t sign the letter to Greg “Let them die” Abbott about stopping the reopening because hey, it might mess up his “meetings” at the El Paso Country Club and heaven knows, Adair doesn’t want her face paint messed up.


  2. Andre says:

    You need to READ what was said. Judge Samaniego said that there needs to be TWO WEEKS of DOWNWARD trend not level. So we go through the couple of weeks of ‘flattening the curve’ the start the timer for the downward trend. You get 12 days into it and then some idiot goes and does something stupid and gets others infected. Guess what, the timers are reset and everything starts all over. This may be nothing more than political operatives wanting to inflict as much harm as possible to get you, the public, more dependent upon the government teet.

    Also El Paso is not sooooo unique. There are several border communities that share our uniqueness; Laredo, Presidio, Eagle Pass, Brownsville, McAllen, Del Rio, Fort Hancock, etc. And that is just Texas. Local governments do not have the power to close the border; only the Federal Govt. So stopping border crossers (in both directions) to help in achieving the downward trend is next to impossible. Which, based on the above identified political motive, makes it that much more hurtful for El Pasoans.


  3. Ticked off taxpayer says:

    How many of these hospital admissions are from Juarez. Their infections are growing and mortality rates are higher than US results. We should not be basing any restriction strategy on hospital bed count without understanding that number. I’m not suggesting that we deny treatment, just pointing out that we need to dig in the numbers to understand what is actually happening in EP.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey get over the rich white biys atvthe country club !

    How jealous can you be.

    He earned the money and employed people.
    City isn’t paying his dues.

    BTW I may be wrong but Dee is a time inning cutter acity manager has authority in this mess and final is County Judge she.

    So remember to vote Dim again.
    Veronica as Judge left county coffers and assets in a mess


    • Rich people are different than you and me says:

      Hey Anonymous:
      “BTW I may be wrong but Dee is a time inning cutter acity manager has authority in this mess and final is County Judge she.”

      Did you learn those incredible language skills while serving Dee and Adair at the Country Club?


    • D. Webster says:

      People who comment here have a way with words. What is a time inning cutter?


    • Ticked off taxpayer says:

      Hey Anon, How do you know the City isn’t paying Margo’s country club dues? It’s pretty common for execs who use country clubs for business activities to expense their dues. As a taxpayer I’d love to see a list of the dues we are paying across all our public sector execs. If we added up all the dues (including the big numbers for associations that give “exec of the year” or All American City), it would probably be a fairly large number.


  5. good governance oxymoron says:

    Hi Brutus,

    Thank you for the post! Here are some stats as of yesterday to provide more context for your consideration.

    The most the can be inferred from that chart is hospital COVID19 daily census and possibly peaks and active transmission dates like Easter.

    Since some of the census is from Juarez and has not be delineated properly the chart does not accurately characterize El Paso.

    The infection rates of daily cross border travelers should also be tracked for a better characterization.

    Finally daily hospitalization is only a single data point in isolation of a larger data context.

    Even with Juarez residents included the citywide hospital capacity is about 3% COVID19 utilized, 12% ICU capacity is COVID19 utilized, and about 4% of available ventilators are COVID 19 utilized.

    In terms of available resources these are not bad numbers.

    Also the hospitalization rate of current active infections is about 12.7% which is not bad and may be high again due to inaccurate accounting of Juarez patients.

    Reports as of yesterday state El Paso County has

    1348 positive cases out of 12,500 tested.

    That is a positive test rate of 10.78%. The State rate was between 10 to 20% so EP is on the low end.

    685 people have recovered 50.8%

    630 people have active infections 46.7%

    80 of the 630 currently infected are hospitalized 12.7%.

    34 of the 80 hospitalized are in ICU 42.5%

    19 of the 485 available ventilators or 3.9% are COVID 19 utilized.

    33 people have died 2.4%

    2598 licensed hospital beds (assuming inclusion of ICU beds) of which 80 or 3.08% are COVID19 utilization

    285 licensed ICU beds of which 34 or 11.93% are COVID19 utilization


  6. Anonymous says:

    Good governance::
    These are the facts people want we do not want hyped numbers!

    I have been screaming all over for complete facts.

    Only thing missing is how old are the numbers in the cumulation.
    Thank you


    • It Only Takes a Click says:

      The “as of” date is not missing if you click on the link and read the full story. The chart was part of a story posted nearly two weeks ago on May 1.


    • good governance oxymoron says:

      Hi Anonymous,

      The numbers I used were reported yesterday evening and current as of 5/11/20.

      I do not consider Bob Moore’s blog a reliable or truthful source so nothing is referenced from that blog.


  7. good governance oxymoron says:

    El Paso needs a new City/County Public Health authority, and the new one needs to be hired based on qualifications and proven professional competence.

    About 2 weeks ago Ocaranza the current City/County Public Health authority was asked why he refused to allow more testing.

    Ocaranza responded “If we were to be testing the population in general, or essential workers, even with no symptoms, a lot of testing is going to come back negative”.

    This response is astounding since expanded testing is needed to identify asymptomatic and establish prevalence.

    Fortunately Governor Abbott recognized a problem and sent a State task force to expand testing in EP himself.

    His goals are to keep positive tests under 10% and focus on hospitalization rates. EP is almost at 10% positive and has a very low hospitalization rate of about 3%.

    Then yesterday it was reported that Ocaranza was unable to provide information Monday on how many people are being tested daily or what the capacity for tests is across all of the available testing sites across El Paso.

    Clearly Ocaranza is in way over his head and needs to go because he cannot lead the organization in one of it’s most basic functions.

    Even Juarez has announced they expect to peak next week.

    In spite of this the local elected to Congress, State, and County still sent a letter to Governor Abbott wanting EP to be exempted from reopening and then a litany of false representations for their basis including a 14.08% positive test rate and some utter nonsense about the impact of Juarez.

    Hopefully Governor Abbott will recognize EP has managed to elect bad actors across the board to Congress, State, and County and intervene on the communities behalf again.

    $119 million was given to the City for COVID relief and until this week they have sat on it because they couldn’t figure out how to divert it for other purposes instead of immediately expanding testing.

    If the City does not show measurable progress in a week Governor Abbott should take back the money immediately and establish a state task force to provide the services El Pasoans deserve.


    • good governance oxymoron says:

      Profound apologies!

      In my haste to cut and paste the above I missed the first sentence which states:

      I have no doubt that Dr Ocaranza is an excellent professional in his field of study, however Public Health utilizes a specialized skill set in data collection, statistics, epidemiology, outbreak identification and field management etc. which he seems to lack expertise.


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