District 1 water park to be killed

February 5, 2019

Take a look at this:

The city has been quite efficient on this one.  The above slide came from a presentation that was to be made to city council.

Before city council even considered the issue the project was removed from the city’s list of bond projects.

Elections have consequences.

We deserve better




Making it harder for the public to have input

February 4, 2019

Rich Wright over at elchuqueno.com makes some interesting predictions about today’s (Monday, February 4, 2019) special city council meeting.

Read his post here.

Our city council has decided to have “special” city council meetings where they deal with things that they don’t want the voters involved in.

Look at this picture taken at a recent special meeting.

We deserve better



Traffic investigations

February 3, 2019

We had another tragic event on I-10 last week.

A young man lost his life.

Our condolences go out to the family.

Unfortunately the accident is another example of where the authorities need to rethink their procedures for handling such events.

I-10 was blocked off in both directions for more than three hours.  I’m not familiar with the procedures that the authorities follow in order to investigate and document in these cases.

What I do know is that they take too long.

We deserve better


Immigration reform

January 30, 2019

According to a news segment that I heard on the radio the other day our mayor gave an interview to NPR (national public radio).

When asked about the immigration problem he evidently said something to the effect that our biggest problem is the whole immigration system–that it has not been addressed comprehensively for 30 years.

I agree with the mayor.

We deserve better


Tell us the rules up front

January 28, 2019

The Times reported on an unfortunate situation the other day.


One of our hospitals went to the city and got permits to build $63 million worth of additions to one of its facilities.

Now the city is denying the hospital the right to open the facilities because of a dispute over parking.

This should have been handled as part of the original approval process.

We can all imagine the concerns investors (both in and out of town) will have when the city does this.

How can we attract industry from out of town when we do this to companies?

We deserve better


The Times gets it right

January 27, 2019

The Times published a good article about the city’s giveaway program for the proposed waterpark.


Is the Times taking the gloves off with the city?

We deserve better


Party time

January 21, 2019

Our city officials want to attend South by Southwest again this year.

They tell us that when they went last year they saw between 700 and 900 people at their booth.  That’s out of 75,000 people that attended.

This week’s city council agenda includes an item to authorize an inter-local government agreement between the city and the county where the county agrees to reimburse 50% of the actual expenses us to $50,000.  Anything over that the city will have to pay alone.


The stated purpose is “to promote the cultural, film, tourism, convention and hotel industry, and economic opportunities available in the El Paso Region”.

The agreement specifies that airfare, transportation, lodging, and meals are separate and are not included in the agreement.

It sounds like a party to me.

We deserve better


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