What are the real numbers?

July 16, 2018

With EPISD shrinking it makes sense that they will need fewer teachers.

A lot of the recent activity on this blog has been dealing with the displacement of teachers.

We have not heard about real numbers.  How many jobs need to be cut?

How many teachers will retire this year?

What will the reductions mean for the newly graduated people coming out of our local universities?  Will these people find jobs anyway–just at other schools?

If EPISD was forthcoming about the real numbers maybe their teachers could calm down.

Hopefully some of our readers will help us to understand.

We deserve bettter.


EPISD teacher cuts?

July 8, 2018

Many of the EPISD employees are afraid to speak up in public.

This note came in from one of them:

Rumor is that tenure/seniority are out the window and principals are getting to “pick” which means if you challenged your principal in any way, you are in danger of getting cut.  Each secondary campus estimated to lose 6-10 teachers.  The reason they might be getting away with it is because we are a District of Innovation BS.

I know…was displaced at my Elementary campus and I know I was not the last one in.
Can’t seem to get a position in another district because I have many years of service and my salary is too high….hmmmm.  If I could retire, I would.
Question:  What happens to the teachers on the “displaced” list if they don’t find a position for them?
They used to be sent to the Science Resource Center and now that’s a goner too.
I smell a RIF in disguise or a bigger one in the future.  We had one about 5 years ago with central office staff getting slips to either accept a demotion or leave.
We deserve better.
Garcia is looking really good again.
Dissappointed in the system

More on the student/teacher ratio

July 6, 2018

This part of a note we received indicates that even the 25 to 1 student to teacher ratio is not accurate.

 …this might be used to get rid of trouble teachers, since they are not “firing” anyone so do not have to go by seniority. Also this is a way to balance the budget in a year when surplussed teachers cannot find a permanent position.
The text/twitter universe is abuzz as many teachers stomachs dropped out when the robo call was made.
Also one teacher has 5 out of 6 classes that are way over the 25 limit as of today and is probably true for many, since counselors and others who have no students are figured in the 1/25 ratio. It’s all smoke and mirrors for getting money and balancing the budget.
What will it take to get our government officials to tell the truth?
We deserve better

Out of town conferences

July 5, 2018

An EPISD employee sent this in:

Referring to your recent post Different Information:
This is an annual tech conference for using Technology in the classroom.   At the very least those attending should be teachers or computer teachers using the technology to integrate with classroom instruction OR IT (Instructional Tech Trainers) which EPISD has several (who probably attended as well) who actually know how to use the technology and know how to train teachers to use the technology.
Will Mr. Cabrera or Dr. Brown come back and train all the teachers on the wonderful educational sessions they attended? Not likely…We ALL know what occurs at out of town conferences…no accountability as to which sessions were attended.
If there is no money for raises, and insurance is rising, then no one should be able to attend out of town conferences as we also know those are very informational (and intended for teachers) but also a luxury this poor district cannot cannot afford.

School data

June 30, 2018

A reader asked about the information Texas Tribune has published.

Follow this link https://schools.texastribune.org/

They provide data at the campus, district and state levels.

We deserve better


Another problem for the teachers

June 28, 2018

A loyal reader who is employed at EPISD just informed us that her health insurance premium rate went up $101.00 a month.

The teachers are not getting a pay raise to help them afford the increase.

Things are not going well at EPISD.

We deserve better


Different information

June 26, 2018

This is a portion of a note that Dan Wever sent in:

When the EPISD had a major problem this week and had meetings with the public for input Cabrera was nowhere to be found.  EPISD Board President Trent Hatch told the public he was meeting with the State Commissioner of Education trying to secure possible millions of dollars in grants.

While this may have been true, Mr. Hatch should have also known that he and Dr. Brown had both gone to Austin to speak at the Texas CTO Clinic.

President  Hatch should have known this as the superintendent is supposed to get his permission for events such as this.  However, in the usual performance of public information and Transparency, we were led down the primrose path knowing that our absent superintendent was working hard to help the district.

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