This might help us.

May 7, 2020

This came in from Max Grossman:

Dear Media and Friends,
I am pleased to announce that Aaron Montes, who announced yesterday that he left the El Paso Times, is planning to run for City Representative of District 7. After a distinguished career in journalism for all three local newspapers, Aaron is ready to lead his district in an effort to make his City a better place. I cannot think of anyone more qualified for the position!
His opponent will be incumbent Henry Rivera, who made the front page of the El Paso Times yesterday for his expletives directed against a citizen during public comment. I will have a lot more to say about him and his record in the coming days and weeks.
Aaron will make his official announcement on his Facebook page on Monday at 1:00pm.
I am making this announcement with his permission.
Get excited!
We deserve better

What do the workers think?

May 5, 2020

This came from a recent Forbes article:

A recent Harvard Business Review article offering leadership advice to CEOs and executives recommended, “If you are doing cutbacks to save job losses, you must lead by example and do cutbacks that impact your own day-to-day as well. If you don’t, there is a danger that your staff will feel like saps, doing sacrifices while the C-suite continues unaffected. Get a commitment for a pay cut from your senior leaders. As CEO, you should take the largest salary cut yourself.” This sounds so obvious, but it rarely—if ever—happens.

We deserve better


What should happen here?

April 7, 2020

According to an article in El Paso Inc. an El Paso call center recently tricked  city inspectors during a site visit.


They wrote “Supervisors at a GC Services call center apparently hoodwinked a city inspection team Thursday by sending call takers on break before inspectors made the rounds to see if the company was adhering to social distancing and other regulations imposed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.”

The Inc. interviewed multiple employees that “all said they were still working side-by-side” instead of having six feet of distance between them.

The city and county have issued directives prohibiting that kind of situation.

It appears that we not only have violations of the local directives but we have managers deliberately trying to cover them up.

We deserve better



Partying on our dime

February 18, 2020

South by Southwest is coming again in March.

Will our city and county elected officials spend our money again to go to this party?

In the past they have told us that going is good for our economy.

Have they ever produced any results?

We deserve better


Government pensions

December 30, 2019

JerryK wrote this in a comment a couple of weeks ago:

Stop payments into City retirement funds (that are underfunded anyway) and convert employees’ equity into annuities. Subsequently make annual contributions into employees’ IRA accounts so they are on a level playing field with the private sector that has largely abandoned pensions. Contribute what we can afford, like the private sector.

I agree.

If any of us have to participate in the social security system then I believe that all of us should have to.

The pay that our government employees receive should compensate them fairly while they are working.  Pension plans should be eliminated.

We deserve better


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