Partying on our dime

South by Southwest is coming again in March.

Will our city and county elected officials spend our money again to go to this party?

In the past they have told us that going is good for our economy.

Have they ever produced any results?

We deserve better


23 Responses to Partying on our dime

  1. Anonymous says:

    No liberal can resist the liberal schmoozefest that is South by Southwest. And to get taxpayers to pay for it is a liberal virtue.

    Of course nothing good comes of it. It is a virtue signaling context. Much like everything else liberal, it isn’t about doing anything constructive, it is about appearing to do things that are productive but require no real effort.


  2. Russian Bot says:


    • Anonymous says:

      “artists, innovators and thought leaders” The entire video says nothing of substance, just platitudes.

      This is the Democrat future, of course El Paso will send people.


  3. Ticked off taxpayer says:

    Great point, Brutus. While anyone in marketing understands that sometimes it can take a year or more to be able to show results from trade show attendance, the city has been “investing” in SXSW long enough that they ought to have something of value to justify further activity but like everything else they waste money on, there are no public metrics. We hired a city manager who bragged about being a Six Sigma Black Belt. Come on Tommy, if you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Where are the metrics? It’s time to DMAIC the city’s marketing activities and publish the results.

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  4. John Dungan says:

    The stupid just hangs around here! This is not – nor are most of Brutus’ posts – necessarily a political issue! Why do some folks like to constantly whine and rant about Liberals and Democrats with each and every post?! One more time, and pay attention, please: El Paso’s City Council and County Commissioners Court are NOT controlled by Democrats OR Republicans! Local politics are NOT partisan to the extent that your mind seems to believe!


    • desertratjim says:

      The mind set of most of El Paso’s leaders and population is that of tax and spend Liberals. Meanwhile our city keeps edging it’s way toward financial collapse.


      • Anonymous says:

        Please let us know the date, time and place when you plan to tell Foster, Hunt, Margo, Francis and their friends that they are Liberals. It will be an identity crisis for them because they have been declaring themselves conservative Republicans all these years and they keep asking for more taxpayer dollars and property for their personal ventures.

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    • anonymous says:

      County Commissioners Court is definitely partisan.

      The Court is a State political entity and the Commissioners run as D, R , I, L etc. All the current Commissioners ran as Democrat.

      You are correct that City Council is non-partisan


  5. Anonymous says:

    Partisan or parasite? That is the question


  6. Anonymous says:

    JD, your text whines the loudest. That is why the troll goes after you.

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  7. Anonymous says:

    11-12 2006 issue USA Army Logistician regarding Six Sigma “ The dangers of a single paradigmatic orientation ( in this case, that of technical rationality) can blind us to values associated with double-loop learning and the learning organization, organization adaptability, workforce creativity and development, humanizing the workplace, cultural awareness, and strategy making.”


  8. Anonymous says:

    Nassim Nicholas Taleb considers risk managers little more than “ blind users “ of statistical tools and methods.


  9. Give Pete's Bill to Mike says:

    Schwarzbein is now employed by the Bloomberg campaign. If he goes to SXSW he should have Bloomberg pay his expenses because he will spend all of his time talking about how tight he is with Mike.


  10. Jerry Kurtyka says:

    El Paso is very isolated from the main currents of nearly everything. I usually had to spend my own money to attend conferences where i could meet thought leaders and be exposed to new ideas I would never hear spoken here. A few of these included the Urban Systems Collaborative that I attended in London, the Green Festival in Seattle (sustainability), various symposiums at the Santa Fe Institute and others.

    I think it”s a good idea that city leaders – most of whom I probably couldn’t agree with on the time of day – take time out and attend these kind of venues. They’re not golfing, you know. When I managed the HFC, I encouraged my board to attend our state conferences at HFC expense and I am glad they did, taking time from their busy lives to gain a wider perspective on housing finance and development.

    A better question is why aren’t similar events of futuristic thought and community development held here? UTEP and EPCC and the Borderplex and Hunt Institute would be appropriate sponsors for this kind of thought leadership.

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    • Carnac says:

      There is no need to hold those kinds of events in El Paso. The Hunts, Foster and Margo have all the answers. They will tell you what your future will be.


  11. desertratjim says:

    The mind set of most of El Paso’s leaders and population is that of tax and spend Liberals. Meanwhile our city keeps edging it’s way toward financial collapse.


  12. Anonymous says:

    Dear Jerry, why oh why would these guys change anything. They have one of the best scams ever. They just sit back and decide what toy they want to buy next. Care for progress, people, environment, clean water… sorry you have these brutes mixed up with someone else. Maybe you are dreaming of the blue fairy?


  13. Anonymous says:

    As long as this group is in charge and the voter turnout is nonexistent the hopelessness will continue. If things were otherwise it would be a different recipe. Our ancestors knew better than us how close we are always to mayhem and they would vote. Look what creepy Dee Margo did in such a short time. Nothing for the majority. Downtown is looking much better. On the other hand , debt is out of control he figured every way he could to squeeze out more money. He lies every time he opens his mouth. People are fearful of telling the truth. The border exploded and they separated kids from their parents, put people in cages and dumped excrement from these people into our drinking water and didn’t report it to the people that live here and on and on. I am glad that Jeff Bezos donated 10 billion for climate change. It does make me hopeful that things can change but you have to see how difficult the realities of this city are.


  14. Anonymous says:

    Look if you want a education there couldn’t be a better time. It is on the internet. In one of the locations where refugees were detained the border patrol dumped the waste from the people detained directly into the city water supply. It went on for a good while. Don’t you remember the water smelling like 💩. Some people made a lot of money off the crisis. Get a education and read all about. Earn your life and spread the word. Don’t forget to vote. Remember your Mayor Dee never told you


  15. Anonymous says:

    Just an expensive DRUNK party the TAXPAYERS give to the POLITICIANS, Public Officials of El Taxo.. Expensive food, high-dollar hotels, lots and lots of booze for the drunks. The PEOPLE would be much better served if the money, $50-100,000$$ was spent on fixing streets, cleaning up some where besides around the ball park, downtown. It’s NOT a “Business meeting” atmosphere. It’s a PARTY for people that drink a lot, nothing more. Just more money WASTED on these Politicians for themselves. Everything else they say is a LIE. Anybody ever see a report about what it does for El Taxo??


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