What should happen here?

April 7, 2020

According to an article in El Paso Inc. an El Paso call center recently tricked  city inspectors during a site visit.


They wrote “Supervisors at a GC Services call center apparently hoodwinked a city inspection team Thursday by sending call takers on break before inspectors made the rounds to see if the company was adhering to social distancing and other regulations imposed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.”

The Inc. interviewed multiple employees that “all said they were still working side-by-side” instead of having six feet of distance between them.

The city and county have issued directives prohibiting that kind of situation.

It appears that we not only have violations of the local directives but we have managers deliberately trying to cover them up.

We deserve better



Grading our politicians

November 15, 2017

The earlier post about the kindergarten report card got us to look into what else our elected officials might learn at EPISD.

According to the pre-kindergarten report card the school district measures these things:

Maybe we should change the age limit on these elected positions.  A pre-k child that gets a “P” for proficient on these things might be a better candidate than what we have.

We deserve better


Media stronger than we thought

April 12, 2017

El Paso Inc. ran an article about city representative Niland’s resignation the other day.

From the article:

When she was finished, members of the council embraced her. After the meeting, Leeser said he was saddened by the “abuse” Niland and her family had taken from the news media in recent months and that it had a lot to do with her resignation.

“She told me that she loves her kids, loves her family and the media had actually destroyed her family, and that was one of the things she told me,” Leeser said.


I must have missed it.


The media destroyed her family?

It sounds to me like she has chosen to be a victim.

We deserve better


People do make choices

October 15, 2016

I spoke with a prominent El Pasoan the other day about the El Paso Times.

He said that walking through his neighborhood on Sunday mornings he sees more copies of El Paso, Inc. and El Diario de El Paso in driveways than he does the Times.

We deserve better



Hotel insider

October 8, 2016

It’s all good for some people.

City council just approved a deal that will give the developer of an $18 million downtown hotel $5.24 million dollars in tax rebates.

Business as usual

The cast of characters involved in the deal tells us a lot.

The land was made available when the Texas Workforce Commission decided to close a call center downtown.  Our former city manager is the head of the local Texas Workforce Commission.

Our former mayor is a consultant on the project.  When he was in office he had difficulty managing his financial people and thus we were a financial wreck when the new city manager took control.  Now evidently he is a financial guru.  In Let them eat cake Cato wrote about the ex-mayor  trying to lobby the city even though doing so was illegal.

The fix was in

When the developer bought the land he told the Inc that a hotel was not in the near future.

According to a July 20, 2015 El Paso Inc. article the developer was going to wait before building the hotel:

“Convention center hotel is way too premature,” he wrote. “Bond projects need to be finished or close to finished and bookings of conventions needed before a convention hotel can survive.”

As far as I know they have not even started on the big downtown bond projects.  It looks like the deal finally got good enough.  Hard work pays off again.

We deserve better



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