Hotel insider

It’s all good for some people.

City council just approved a deal that will give the developer of an $18 million downtown hotel $5.24 million dollars in tax rebates.

Business as usual

The cast of characters involved in the deal tells us a lot.

The land was made available when the Texas Workforce Commission decided to close a call center downtown.  Our former city manager is the head of the local Texas Workforce Commission.

Our former mayor is a consultant on the project.  When he was in office he had difficulty managing his financial people and thus we were a financial wreck when the new city manager took control.  Now evidently he is a financial guru.  In Let them eat cake Cato wrote about the ex-mayor  trying to lobby the city even though doing so was illegal.

The fix was in

When the developer bought the land he told the Inc that a hotel was not in the near future.

According to a July 20, 2015 El Paso Inc. article the developer was going to wait before building the hotel:

“Convention center hotel is way too premature,” he wrote. “Bond projects need to be finished or close to finished and bookings of conventions needed before a convention hotel can survive.”

As far as I know they have not even started on the big downtown bond projects.  It looks like the deal finally got good enough.  Hard work pays off again.

We deserve better



7 Responses to Hotel insider

  1. p----d says:

    The more I think about how Cook allowed such a bad, one-side ballpark deal to be railroaded through and now here he is negotiating against the taxpayers again, the more it p—-s me off.

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  2. Reality Check says:

    The same folks getting all the big tax breaks are the ones who talk about needing to create jobs that pay well. Yet, they invest in and get tax breaks on businesses that generate for the most part low-wage positions. Beer and peanut hawkers and hotel maids and retail clerks don’t get paid a living wage. The few good positions that get created get filled by out-of-towners. All the talk about job creation is just more BS to get people to give them the breaks that help them and them only.


  3. Corruption is inherent with politicians, public officials in El Taxo. “Deals, contracts, bizness” depends upon who you are, who you know, what you know about them and how much you are willing to PAY or be PAID. Everything in El Taxo is for SALE. Taxpayers only need to remember the City Council/Foster baseball field, they bought, FINANCED, built for “Us, though WE had nothing to say about it. This is the reason there is no BIG business here, NO jobs. No Ford, Chevy, Samsung, banking, assembly, manufacturing. Just wide-open spaces. Apparently the “Big guys” are not willing to pay the prices of all the “hands”.


  4. mamboman3 says:

    Ever wonder why this city has some of the highest property taxes around??? These so called “tax incentives” may be a factor. It’s give the rich guys a ridiculous break and bend over taxpayers…again!! Pass the vasoline.


  5. Of all the underhanded, lowdown, dirty, rotten, ripoffs of the taxpayers, that we have seen, this might just take the prize. Question: If the baseball stadium is supposed to be paid for with Hotel Occupancy taxes, how does the City collect enough taxes to make the payments, if millions are forgiven for just this one project? Obviously, the bullets in the foot don’t even hurt anymore, do they? (They keep shooting themselves in the foot).


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