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January 14, 2019

A USA Today reporter from their Austin Texas bureau wrote a piece in the Times last week titled “Did border fence lower crime rates in El Paso?”.

She wrote:

“In his remarks, Paxton [the Texas attorney general] said El Paso had a high crime rate before the fence was constructed and that the rate of crime dropped substantially after it was completed.

That was not the case.”

Earlier in the article she told us that the attorney general had not specified which iteration of our border fence he was referring to.

Because he referenced border barriers erected under former president George W. Bush she concluded that he was talking about fencing authorized by congressional act in 2006.  She pointed out that the construction started in 2008 and was finished by mid-2009.

She wrote further:

“From 2006 to 2011–two years before the fence was built to two years after–the violent crime rate in El Paso increased by 17 percent.”

Would it be too much to ask her to tell us where she came up with that number?  Shouldn’t a reporter cite her sources?

This chart came from the El Paso police department’s 2011 annual report:

It was the case

According to the El Paso police department crime rates went down after the fence was built.  In fact the chart does not substantiate her claim of a 17 percent increase.

I don’t know if the reporter has ever lived in El Paso.  Those of us that lived here during that period of time know that property crime rates dropped significantly after the fence was built.

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Is the Times a newspaper?

December 20, 2018

It looks to me like it is official now.

We no longer have a daily English language newspaper in El Paso.

As you know there were two city council runoff elections in El Paso last Saturday.

The Sunday paper made no mention of the results.

This is probably because much of the work of publishing the Times has been moved out of town.

Evidently they can no longer bring us the daily news.

The local events that they cover are written about some days after they occur.

We do get to read their opinions disguised as reporting.


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Success at a newspaper

December 11, 2018

Rich Wright over at elchuqueno.com published this post the other day.

One newspaper seemingly has increased both its circulation and advertising revenue.


By reporting instead of being a publishing arm of the various governments.

I suppose it is too much to hope that the folks over at the Times try to do the same thing.

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Unfortunate headline

October 28, 2018

The Wednesday, October 24, 2018 headline of the Times set a new low standard for the paper.

District 6: Seasoned rep vs. student

The article belonged in the editorial section.

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Community meetings can help

August 20, 2018

It appears that our mayor has gotten the word about holding the line on taxes.

Up until the other day it appeared that city council was going to slap a 1% sales tax on our electricity and natural gas bills.

We also get garbage bills but it appears that they are not going to worry about adding $3 per month to each of our garbage bills in the form of a franchise fee.  The franchise fee is designed to charge a city owned department for using city owned streets.

At least the 1% sales tax appears to be dead for the moment.

The Times reported that our mayor threatened to veto the sales tax after attending “community meetings” over the weekend.

We really would appreciate any information that our readers can give us that might let us know when and where those meetings were.

Listening to citizens does not appear to be one of his strong points.

Regardless of his motivation we thank him.

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Wastewater, wastemoney

June 3, 2018

According to a recent article in the El Paso Times the tax increment finance zone “only will exist until the year 2036 or until the cost to build stormwater infrastructure has been met.”

Evidently they can’t build the resort they want because of drainage problems off of the mountain.

Imagine that.

Many of us would just say build it somewhere else if you have to build it.

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Don’t tell the truth when a lie is more convenient

May 15, 2018

So which is it?

Is the city attorney retiring, resigning, or being terminated?

If she is retiring as she has said, the six months of salary that the city has agreed to pay her is a violation of the state constitution according to a recent article in the Times.

Resigning would also make the payout illegal.

If however she is being terminated, her contract evidently provides for six months of severance.

Can’t anyone be honest about this?

We deserve better


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