Do they have an editor anymore?

August 1, 2019

The editorial in the Saturday, July 27, 2019 Times was reprinted from the Daily Camera (Boulder, Colorado).

The Camera’s title was “An administration of temp workers” and spoke about the turnover in the current administration.

The Times reprinted it with a modified title, “An presidential administration of temp workers”.

Do they even bother to read what they print”

I suspect that somewhere around the fourth grade most of us learned that the correct article would have been “A” instead of “An”.

We deserve better


Shame on them

July 29, 2019

Well our school situation has hit a new low.

It looks like some of our school district superintendents and some of their board members attended training sessions held in San Antonio last month (June).

According to articles in the El Paso Times two of our local superintendents got into an altercation at 1 AM on Thursday, June 13 that ended up with one superintendent being flattened to the ground and the police ultimately handcuffing the one on the ground.

Also according to the Times a San Antonio police officer’s report indicates that the fallen superintendent appeared to be intoxicated.

It also seems as though some school board members witnessed the event.

What happens in San Antonio stays in San Antonio

The Times also reported that one of the school board members said:

” We took off as quick as we can get the hell out of there because I knew that both you guys were going to be charged. Let’s go. That’s all I wanted. That was my objective. That was my objective. Don’t bring this back to El Paso. We swore that us guys over there, we said we were going to let it stay there, and for the most part it did stay there.”

A school board member’s goal was to see to it that the folks in El Paso did not learn about their behavior.

So much for the idea of public service.

Party time

According to the Texas Association of School Boards’ web site registration for the conference was to begin at 7 AM that same morning.

What were these public servants doing out at that hour, especially when their meeting was to begin is less than six hours?

Are the taxpayers going to pay for their late night activities?  Where had they been before the incident?

If we have to pay for these people to go to out of town events shouldn’t we expect that they show up to the meetings ready to do their jobs?

Even if you could still manage to be out and about at 1 AM on a Thursday morning wouldn’t you think that you owed the taxpayers better performance?

The poor example that these people (superintendents and board members) have set for their students is shameful.

We deserve better


Property owners stretched to the limit

July 23, 2019

The note below was a letter to the editor in the El Paso Times recently:

Property owners stretched to the limit

Why are property owners in El Paso constantly being asked to cough up more money?

Paving streets and operating within allotted budgets seems would be a priority. Costly ballpark, a demolished City Hall, the trolley car debacle, missing millions, new bus terminals and empty buses, and tax abatements for new businesses for years. Guess who is shouldering this cost?

Combine that with our dysfunctional school system, with their bond money, that would choke a donkey. Wages here aren’t in line with our progress. My quality of life doesn’t allow me to water my lawn anymore.

As a taxpayer, wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a bond election every time your checkbook was short?

Greg Allen

West El Paso


Well said Mr. Allen.

We deserve better


Is there something else here?

May 6, 2019

The El Paso Times published a report on April 26, 2019 that informed us that over a month earlier an El Paso businessman and government board member had had an emotional meltdown over a failing relationship with his girlfriend.

The report was a step by step, almost minute by minute, accounting of what seems to have happened.

It seems odd that the Times would pick up on a personal matter that had happened over a month before publishing their article.  Was this the work of someone who wanted to put the person in a bad light.

It is also odd to me that the Times would go into such detail about the incident when they provide only the most superficial coverage of local government meetings.

We deserve better


Contradictory goals

April 16, 2019

Our state senator recently wrote a guest column for the El Paso Times.

In it he stated that the new UTEP president “is not representative of this community”.

What is he saying?

Is it because she is from out of town?  Is it because of her political party affiliations?  I hope that he does not mean that her ethnicity should disqualify her.

He further stated that he looks forward to working to see “that the campus remains free, open and embracing of El Paso’s diversity.”

It seems to be that these two points contradict each other.  Doesn’t diversity require variety in who works there?

It is troubling to me that the senator chose to vent publicly instead of through channels.  What do we gain when our state senator openly attacks our university president simply because he thinks she is not representative of our community?

We deserve better


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