Do they have an editor anymore?

The editorial in the Saturday, July 27, 2019 Times was reprinted from the Daily Camera (Boulder, Colorado).

The Camera’s title was “An administration of temp workers” and spoke about the turnover in the current administration.

The Times reprinted it with a modified title, “An presidential administration of temp workers”.

Do they even bother to read what they print”

I suspect that somewhere around the fourth grade most of us learned that the correct article would have been “A” instead of “An”.

We deserve better


2 Responses to Do they have an editor anymore?

  1. Strunk says:

    An excellent point.
    A poor job of editing.


    • Ticked off taxpayer says:

      First, Gannett centralized editing in regional centers. Then they laid off the most experienced members of their editing team in those centers (my college boyfriend was one of the folks that got cut in Nashville). Now we see the results. Sadly, our schools are doing such a good job of dumbing down the masses that I doubt many will notice.


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