Spending disconnect

The proposed 2020 city budget tells us what they think about our chances for economic growth next year.

The adopted 2019 city budget included $2,140,000 for commercial building permits.  This year they are projecting the collection of $2,000,000.  In other words they expect commercial construction to slow down.

On the residential building front they are lowering their expectations from $2,250,000 last year to $2,125,622 this year.

They anticipate increasing spending by 6% anyway.

We deserve better


7 Responses to Spending disconnect

  1. Anonymous says:

    Debt service on past spending will soon rapidly overtake these incremental increases they are getting used to passing. Get ready for a bankruptcy filing by the city, but first they will continue their spending binge in the form of bond elections.

    On another note, if the El Paso police department could catch people who literally spray paint their names on neighborhood walls people might be more inclined to allow them more spending. It seems like it would be fairly easy to catch someone when you know what name/nickname they go by.


    • Anonymous says:

      Been there-Done that.
      When the police come to check out graffiti / names / tagging / gang names on walls and buildings, they ask the property owner if they catch the person or persons do they want to prosecute.
      And that the gang’s LAWYER will have your complete name and address to give to their client(s) (the gang members).
      The gang will know who you are, where you live and what you look like. They will have a photo of your driver’s licence.
      So, if we catch the perps, do you want to go to court and in doing so, give all of your information, maybe even your credit report, to the gang members? (thru their lawyer).

      So, most homeowners, who fear more tagging and risk having their house burned down, and outdoor pets poisoned, do NOT prosecute.


      • John Dungan says:

        That is one sorry attitude! Why in the world would any attorney be entitled to that much information about a complaining witness? Don’t you think that any defendant has the right to know who has accused them? This goes to the heart of my constant complaining right here about people who are afraid to identify themselves! So what if they know who you are and where you live? Didn’t the perp already know where you live when they tagged your property?! So what if they have a photo of your TDL? (Why would they have that, though? What’s that go to do with anything)? IOW, what you are saying is what? Do nothing? Allow criminals to go on breaking the law because you’re afraid? What the hell do you think will happen to this world if no one speaks up? No wonder you remain “Anonymous.”


        • No ID Required says:

          You proved his point. If you get this angry at people you can’t identify, people who haven’t attacked you personally, I can imagine what you would do to commenters if you knew who we are.


          • John Dungan says:

            I’m not angry at all, just puzzled at y’all’s inability to own up to your own comments. I would gladly say these same things to your face. If you can’t stand the heat…


      • JerryK says:

        Just like in Mexico where to report a crime puts you in danger from the perps. This is one more step in the 3rd world transformation of our country. Get a gun and be willing to use it against animals, even human ones.


  2. elrichiboy says:

    The City lowballs income in the budget process to justify higher property tax rates. Then they take the excess and expand spending. The CFO resigned after I pointed that out in this post http://elchuqueno.com/the-city-budget-is-fake/ But maybe the timing was just a coincidence.


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