Greedy or needy?

Our county judge was quoted recently as saying:

“Are you willing to raise taxes a little bit to help support our needs?”

Second time

This is the second recent incident where one of our elected officials used words that are telling.

One of our city representatives told us that she “begged” our new congressman to do something.

I don’t think that we should have to beg government for anything.

Now we hear the county judge begging for her “needs”. Personally, I think she needs to respect the taxpayers and minimize taxes.

This year the county approved $152 million for bonds to finance remodeling parts of the county hospital and building three new clinics.  The hospital CEO told us that the clinics would save $17 million dollars each year in emergency room costs.

Will the hospital budget go down $17 million dollars when the clinics are built? I doubt it, the county judge has “needs”.

We deserve better


2 Responses to Greedy or needy?

  1. FedUp says:

    We need to beg our county judge to stop raising taxes. We have needs of our own.


  2. Overtaxed says:

    The priorities and spending of our city and county governments are not aligned with my personal needs, so the answer to Ms. Escobar’s question is: “NO!”. It’s disingenuous for her to ask for “a little bit” more when her personal income is paid by taxpayers. She needs a reality check like a real job.


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