Disconnected board

The board of managers of our county hospital completed their evaluation of the hospital administrator’s performance for fiscal year 2014 (Gregorian calendar).

In case the administrator reads this post he should be aware that it would be 5,775 in the Hebrew calendar, 2,558 in the Buddhist calendar, and 2,964 in the Berber calendar.  I don’t know if they use fiscal years.

The evaluation addressed 1) board relations, 2) leadership and managerial qualities, 3) planning, 4) stewardship (financial/operations), 5) quality of care & services, 6) medical staff, and 7) community, organization, and government relations.

Stewardship weighed as 35% of the total while quality of care & services counted as 10%.  That pretty much tells us what the board considers to be important.

Various aspects of the administrator’s performance were rated on a scale of 1 to 5 with one being bad and 5 being great.  Overall he received a 4.42 rating.  This was before his recent troubles.

Wait, there’s more

Board members were also asked to offer written comments.  Some of the more interesting ones were:

“…my consistent experience of Mr. Valenti has been that he actively seeks community buy-in.  He takes care of this personally and is willing to deal with negative reactions.”

“The situation with EPCH has created havoc for the UMC budget but Mr. Valenti and his team have made the tough calls and garnered the support of the County Commissioners Court as well as the public.”

“Mr. Valenti is the face of UMC and consistently conveys a passion for our mission to the community.  I believe that the citizens trust him.  He knows how to effectively maneuver through government labyrinths to the advantage of UMC and its patients.”

“UMC and El Paso is truly blessed to have this gifted and generous hospital leader who had [sic] led the associates through great and positive changes.”

“I have always found Mr. Valenti to be forthcoming and open to hearing criticism”.

“Strong leadership starts with a humble demeanor, this is JV.”

There must be a way to explain this.  Is it:

Academy award level acting?

Chemicals in the kool-aid?


Secret alternate reality technology being deployed in the board room?

We deserve better



3 Responses to Disconnected board

  1. Jerry Kurtyka says:

    Yeah, like so many of our local government officials, they find ways to signal to us that they really don’t give a shit about tax payers. Their job is to protect the people who are screwing us!


  2. Reality Checker says:

    Out of respect for Brutus and the rest of the elpasosoeak readers, I make a conscious effort to refrain from using profanity, but the written comments of the UMC board members reported by Brutus are total unadulterated bullshit.

    Valenti’s behavior, demeanor, public statements, and actions are totally inconsistent with their evaluation and comments. This is further evidence of the board’s dishonesty and its commitment to Valenti personally rather than to the public stakeholders. Either they think the public is stupid or they never anticipated that someone like Brutus would take the time to read and report the contents of the evaluation. The review seems to have been written so as to justify the financial gifts doled out to Valenti.

    According to their list of performance criteria, Board Relations are considered the most important criteria, while relations with local government, employees, and community are at the bottom of the list. So the board considers themselves more important than the public they purport to represent.

    What is more absurd is that Quality of Care and Service only rank #5. Really? So much for having your priorities in order and putting customers first. The board members should subject themselves to full body cavity searches, including anal and vaginal searches, as were done to one patient, and see how they like the quality of service.

    The UMC board members are charlatans. When I see them falling all over themselves to protect Valenti, I have a nagging suspicion that some of them are benefiting financially in ways that are not obvious or known to us, possibly through board member relationships with vendors. Nah, nothing like that ever happens in our community.


  3. Helen Marshall says:

    It’s called regulatory capture…the regulators have been captured by the subject, and criticism of him equals attacks on them.

    What year is it in the Mayan calendar, that’s a little closer…


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