EPISD board out of line

The board of managers of the El Paso Independent School District has announced that it is going to build a new central office for the district.

This does not have to happen.

The existing central office is situated on land that belongs to the city.  We have been told that the city wants the land and is not willing to renew the lease.

They could, and that would save us somewhere around $50 million.

To make matters worse the decision to build the new facility was taken by a group of people that we did not even elect to run the district for us.  They should consider themselves as a caretaker board that needs to clean up the financial and corruption problems while waiting for the people to elect their own representatives later this year.

The board has decided to pay over $1 million to an architecture firm to design the new building.  We are not to worry about the money, it is left over from the 2007 bond issue.  The thought that we voted for the bonds for specific purposes and that any money left over should be returned to the public evidently is not part of the way these people think.

The new plans will not consider how to replace the planetarium–let’s not have education get in the way of bureaucracy.

What they have not mentioned is that they do not have the money to build the new building.  Since the district is shrinking and is operating with a declining budget it does not look like they will be able to come up with the $40 to $50 million that the building will cost according to the estimates the district has made public.

Won’t they have to fund this with a bond election?

Oh, by the way we have an emergency here.  The project will have to be “fast-tracked”, which is one of the ways these organizations use to cram things down our throats.

Closing schools

This same group is telling us that they will need to close eight elementary schools because of declining enrollment.  The district has about 57 elementary schools right now.  No mention has been made of reducing the central office staff proportionately.

Some members of the public wanted to address the board about the school closures the other day.  The board decided to put off their decisions to a later day and then refused to listen to anyone from the public.  If a member of the public wants to address the board they should be able to, without regard to what else the board is doing.

Using parts of the closing schools to house central office functions has been ruled out.  The excuse seems to be lack of parking.  The village idiot would take the old playground and turn it into a parking lot but these guys don’t want to.

Here both city council and this temporary board are both conspiring to waste more of our money.

We deserve better



8 Responses to EPISD board out of line

  1. Helen Marshall says:

    The claim is that they need to expand the airport. But air traffic to El Paso is not increasing. 250,000 sq feet of buildings will be destroyed. I will not vote for any new bond issue on behalf of the EPISD. Or for the city’s poorly planned projects, for that matter.


  2. Reality Checker says:

    Unless I missed it, the city also has not shown that the planned future use for the current property justifies forcing taxpayers to cover $50 mil for a new EPISD headquarters. As we know from other recent budgeting fiascos, the $50 mil is probably underestimated and probably does not include a lot of the related costs for relocation, change orders, and furniture, fixtures and equipment, etc.

    The real question is which private party wants the current site.


  3. Haiduc says:

    Good Grief !


  4. U says:

    These two groups are no different than past ones other then they are much more efficient at ripping us off.


  5. Question says:

    Question, why not move Episd offices into one of the schools they are going to close ? What, not good enough for these arssholes ?


  6. Xavier Miranda says:

    Thanks for the update Brutus. All the more reason to press the incoming trustees to rescind many of the policies and projects the Board of Managers have imposed.

    Xavier Miranda


  7. Xavier Miranda says:

    If indeed the City of El Paso has plans to continue developing our airport area with hotels, they should compare previously misguided HOT projections with actual returns, as well as the reduction of flights coming to El Paso. The revenue shortfall is now local property owners’ responsibility.

    As for the non-renewal of the EPISD offices lease, Mayor Leeser has yet to acknowledge a request to meet with community to discuss this issue. We could discuss a delay of the process, or even provide the logical argument that a public service entity communicate with another publicly-funded entity to benefit our children.

    Seems the UMC/Children’s Hospital affair would utilize the same logic, wherein rent and administrative costs don’t prove to be redundant and wasteful.

    Xavier Miranda


  8. Concerned Parent says:

    Seems like there is still much corruption in the school system. Not only do you have over paid administrative personnel , but on top of all the money they make they steal from the school. All of a sudden there is no money and schools need to be shutdown? Follow the paper trail people! Wake up! It’s your own corrupted officials and administrators that are spending all the funds. Oh and it goes beyond that, you have these dirtbags that work with children and families that try to look for the best interest of the students, but they are having affairs on the side destroying marriages and homes. These are the people we have working with our children? EPISD does your corruption have no end?


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