Saint Joyce

This is from Helen Marshall:

Saint Joyce

Joe Muench posted a fawning essay about Joyce Wilson in the El Paso Times print edition of January 11, 2015

saying that Ms. Wilson stuck around in El Paso after she left her nurturing role as the first City Manager, rather than retiring in Florida (I thought she had a job possibility there?) or taking other high-paying jobs elsewhere. Instead, she is running the “public employment agency” in order to work with the real “bigs” in town to “build us a better place to live.” No underlying reason is giving for her decision to “be a big player in dragging us, like it or not, to a position where we like it a lot.”

As they said in the elite schools in England, Bend Over and Take It Like a Man.

Muench then moves on to tell us that we have to get cracking on the three BIG quality of life bond projects, and slams Rep. Limón for not getting on the bandwagon. Perhaps Joe did not notice that it was Council, not Limón by herself, who asked current City Manager Gonzalez to provide a new list of site and financing options, “possibly within the next three months.” (

That would be in response to the options briefed to council in closed session by the outside consultant, HKS Urban Planning. This firm has obviously done a bang-up job of assessing El Paso, which its written report states is 43% percent “Latino.” Destination El Paso manager Crowe said he was sure that was a typo, but as we are also told by the Times that the HKS briefer at the closed session said the “Latino” component was “40%,” it would appear that the typo has some deep roots. But gee, what can you expect when you only pay $500,000 for advice?

Perhaps Joe was miffed by Limón’s statement that “I want to make sure that there is full disclosure on all the projects, and that there are no hidden costs.” Sounds like a reminder of the Stadium Caper to me, how dare she?

Mr. Gonazalez noted that staff would have to figure how to get these projects built and sustained, as “the bond issue planners failed to factor operations and maintenance costs into the bond issue calculations ” That would be Saint Joyce and her team… Joe Muench notes that Joyce coined the best name for those who opposed her plans to remake the city – the “Crazies.” I’d have said that it’s a pretty good name for a team of Bigs who can’t even remember that once built, you have to operate and maintain something. I wonder who’s paying those costs at Southwest University Park? Meantime, let’s not forget that Wilson also presided over a city bureaucracy that failed to get the paperwork done on time, losing some $5.1 million in funding for street projects such as bicycle lanes, and $14.2 million in federal funding for other projects. The incoming City Manager asked the citizens of El Paso to remain calm despite the delays. (Keep calm and carry on, anyone?) We can only hope that Ms. Shaung is contemplating these delays calmly as she waits for her pension rights to kick in.$51-millones-de-cuatro-proyectos-viales/

8 Responses to Saint Joyce

  1. balmorhea says:

    Speaking of Ms. Shaung, I’ve seen her 3 or 4 times using the free wireless internet at Las Palmas Health Center. She sits in the lobby with her computer. I asked the desk if anyone is allowed to do that and they said yes. Didn’t the City provide her with internet access? If not, it seems she could afford to get her own at home with her generous benefits.


  2. elrichiboy says:

    Here’s the way I read the tea leaves:

    The editorial staff at the Times doesn’t really believe in “The Plan,” but they have to assuage the Bigs. So they let Joe ramble on, cognizant of his ineptitude and alienating style. Hell, maybe even Joe knows it, and he plays their fool.

    If you want to change the Times editorial policies, start buying your cars in Cruces. Tell your friends to buy their cars in Cruces. Many of the petite bourgeoisie car dealers bought into the Borderplex REIT, and they are surely influencing the paper’s editorial slant in order to support their real estate speculation.

    Or write letters to Volkswagen, Mercedes, Honda, Toyota, and all the other new car manufacturers, and tell them that their dealers here are jacking the community around. Those car manufacturers are very protective of their brands, and if one of their dealers is sullying their image, they’ll put a stop to it quick.

    I’m not sure that the dealers of all those brands bought into the REIT, but as the Lord of the Skies Amado Carrillo Fuentes is reported to have said, “I would rather kill ten innocent people than let one guilty person go free.”


    • elrichiboy says:

      TL;DR: Hold the advertisers responsible for the Times’ editorial policies.


    • Mock EPT says:

      Don’t stop at the car dealers. Get a list of every contributor to that QOL PAC and the Borderplex members that pushed it. Besides the oligarchs you’ll see local banks and other “bigs.” Write letters to their head offices and complain about how their political activities are driving us into the holes. If they have regulators complain. And yes, boycott them.


  3. U says:

    Joe sold out a longtime ago just like Wilson,Carmen and others. A sad state for sure and the taxpayers are going to get slammed with higher taxes and I bet good old joe might start complaining when he gets his tax bill.


  4. Jerry K says:

    Wilson was not a numbers person and the numbers person she relied upon did not have an understanding of what a CFO does. That is why the costs are so far off. When the QoL was being debated in CC some items (childrens museum) had a business case of one PowerPoint slide. How it even got that far is disgraceful.

    I saw this from inside city hall and I was apalled at the incompetence of the financial services department to let this happen. Some of the better department heads could see it coming and did not ask for new facilities because they knew there would be no operating funds for them.

    It was all a big sales job to gret the QoL passed and Wilson & Co played their roles. Just like they did for Woody World.


  5. Reality Checker says:

    How could the QOL project cost estimates possibly be wrong? After all, they were put together under the supervision of former city manager turned economic development genius Joyce Wilson, who the El Paso Times’ Baron Joe Muench-ausen, the teller of extraordinary, exaggerated tales and friend of local royalty, crowned the “brain-o-town” in his Sunday fantasy column?

    Muench’s open love letter to Wilson shows just how low Joe will go to grovel and endear himself with the Bigs he so adores. He once again attacked the “crazies”. However, Muench’s writing suggests that he, not the critics of the ballpark and certain other city projects, might in fact be the crazy one.

    A quick look at a dictionary shows that definitions of crazy include:

    1) DEPARTING FROM PROPORTION OR MODERATION. Example: Muench has lost all sense of proportion and moderation in his worship and glorification of certain people. He is crazy about the “Bigs” and wealthy, important people.

    2) POSSESSED BY ENTHUSIASM OR EXCITEMENT. Example: Muench is possessed by enthusiasm and excitement for all projects proposed by the “Bigs”. Example: Muench is crazy about the ballpark and anything to do with downtown redevelopment.

    3) IMMODERATELY FOND; INFATUATED. Example: Muench is fond of and infatuated with Joyce. Muench is crazy about Joyce. He is also crazy about the Hunts and the Foster de la Vegas.

    4) INTENSELY INVOLVED OR PREOCCUPIED. Example: Muench is intensely involved with anything to do with the Bigs and preoccupied with those who do not support the Bigs. Those who disagree with the Bigs drive Muench crazy. That’s why he continues to attack them.

    So, “reading between the lines, and in the lines and above the lines” as Muench likes to put it, he is so crazy about Joyce Wilson and the Bigs that he has totally lost any sense of propriety. He no longer even feigns objectivity and has decided to continually use his column to praise the Bigs and now the Sorta-Bigs.

    Muench is the unabashed head cheerleader for the Bigs, his pet name for those he considers to be more important than the taxpayers and the community as a whole. He has no time or space for the many other people (it goes without saying that Joe considers them the “Littles”) who are working diligently without taxpayer subsidies to make El Paso a better place.

    Muench actually praised Wilson for coining the phrase “Crazies” to describe those who opposed her handling of the ballpark decision process and the destruction of city hall. He gave himself a pat on the back, saying that “the nickname has stuck,” but he failed to say that he is the only person still intent on using that label pejoratively to insult decent people for having a mind of their own. His is a one-man campaign to make that word stick. In truth, he might actually be more disrespectful than Wilson because his ongoing use of the word is mean-spirited. His disrespect is just less costly.

    Muench says “the Borderplex Alliance brings in job-hiring people,” but ignores the hard cold fact that both the Borderplex Alliance and its predecessor organizations have been ineffective in corporate recruiting and job creation. But facts don’t matter to Muench. Maybe that’s because these exclusive organizations have failed to deliver.

    Muench’s most telling choice of words was a very subtle shift as he got into the swing of Sunday’s column. He went from using “Joyce Wilson,” to “Wilson,” and then to simply “Joyce,” which he used several times. That’s cozy. He has no regard for decorum or professionalism even when writing about those he deems deserving of our respect.

    From where I sit in the cheap seats, I see Muench as simply a hack and a bully, who is voluntarily being played for a fool. If the Bigs are royalty; he is the court jester. His worn-out campaign to flatter the “Bigs” at the expense of others is shameful and embarrassing. It is destroying whatever shreds of dignity and credibility the Times has left as it lays on its deathbed.

    Say it ain’t so, Joe.


  6. It is still my belief that the City of El Paso does not now, nor has it ever had any need for a City Manager. Worse, the first one we had did us a world of hurt. We got screwed on some poorly conceived QoL Bonds that will likely never come to be. We are now stuck with no City Hall, and a ball park that – truth be told – is actually only appealing to some, rather than to all, or even to the majority of citizens. Our streets, indeed our complete infrastructure are deteriorating right before our eyes, and nothing is being done to address that. I could go on, but you get the picture.


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