Vini, vidi, vici

Our hospital administrator has been acting pretty smug at recent public events according to stories going around town.

For a while it looked like he would be publicly admonished by his board for his behavior.  It looks like that will not happen now, but then again two of the board members have to be reappointed three months from now and unless our county commissioners pull a fast one those two  will be out the door.

Back in April of 2013 our hospital administrator came to the county commissioners with a request for $162 million of bond money to build three new outpatient clinics.  Commissioners, ever the fiscal conservatives, only gave him $152 million.

Then just one month later in May of 2013 he told his hospital board that they will need to “repurpose” the money.  Actually $29.3 million of the original request was not for new clinics but instead was to be used to remodel floors of the existing hospital–something that should be done with operating funds if the hospital is truly profitable like he claims.

Now word on the street is that he has taken over $20 million of the new money to pay for software for the hospital.  The money for the clinics is dwindling especially if you consider the hospitals habit of paying bonuses.

Is our hospital administrator trying to become emperor?  Well his name appears to be Italian.  He seems to be winning his battles.  Then there is the size comparison.

We deserve better




2 Responses to Vini, vidi, vici

  1. more perfomance penalities 4 UMC says:

    UMC was the only hospital in El Paso penalized by Medicare across all 3 performance categories: Value-based Purchasing, Re-admissions, and Hospital Acquired Conditions.

    No wonder the hospital has a shortfall – they are losing reimbursement money to penalties due to poor performance.

    Makes you wonder how any bonus for King V was justified.

    You can read the story here

    and view the El Paso Hospital Medicare Penalty List here


  2. Reality Checker says:

    Valenti and the board continue to behave as though they above reproach.

    I’m still trying to understand how a government entity with a $50 mil to $70 million revenue shortfall justifies paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonuses to executives who allowed the shortfall and bad debt to happen on their watch. UMC’s outside auditors recently told them that UMC’s cash position is about one third of what it should be compared to other hospitals.

    The County Commissioners have done nothing to address the situation other than act shocked. Not a single executive or board member has been held accountable for the failures in management and oversight. They did not ask for bonuses to be returned. No one has been asked to resign.

    The re-purposing of the money? Some might call that … well, use your own imagination. The switch in purposes sure was quick. Was the idea of neighborhood clinics just warm and fuzzy bait created to appeal to voters and help assure that voters would give UMC the money that could could then be reallocated for other things that as Brutus points out are operating expenses?

    Pigs get fat. Hogs get slaughtered.


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