Ask your school board candidates about this

This from Xavier Miranda:

The opportunity to authentically reform the education system of our children in El Paso is quickly approaching. Now that the proposal to close 22 schools in our district has been postponed, thanks largely to a letter issued by our Texas State Delegation, attention is focused on the transition to a democratically-elected school board of trustees.

Issues that need to be asked of school board candidates at upcoming forums should include the following:

Public Facility Corporation 
Realizing the likely demise of a School Bond or a Tax Ratification Election (TRE), the current Board of Managers approved the formation of a Public Facility Corporation, circumventing voter approval, to pay for the razing of district offices on Boeing, and subsequent construction in the Northeast, with the amount capped at $29 million.
A suggestion commonly heard among parents and educators, is to move district administrative operations to one of the buildings that the Jacobs Engineering Firm deemed under-capacity. 
Another suggestion is to move students from the numerous PORTABLE CLASSROOMS into the aforementioned buildings, and have district officials migrate into the portable units. To quote a parent, “After all, if students and teachers can function in such settings, so can administrators.”
The savings incurred would better be utilized on resources that directly impact our children.
Concerns abound regarding administration of the Public Facility Corporation:
Lastly, it would be greatly appreciated if Superintendent Juan Cabrera attend public functions associated with community input, such as the Beall Elementary Community meetings on potential closures, or the upcoming visitation of Vilas Elementary in the Sunset Heights neighborhood on March 7.  Invitations extended to shadow teachers and students have gone unanswered. As his $320,000+ a year contract stipulates in  2.1 t, and 6.6 m, community outreach and rapport is of essence.
Upcoming emails will convey curriculum issues, El Paso Chamber of Commerce endorsements, and school board candidate forums.


2 Responses to Ask your school board candidates about this

  1. Anonymous says:

    Superintendent is still remodeling building on Boeing! I have been told he is putting in a very fancy conference room in the basement.


  2. Tap Dancer says:

    Don’t believe, just watch. The minute these questions are asked, you will see a song and dance out this world.

    We were misled once, misled twice, three times shame on us.


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