Bus overload

Just south of the Glory Road transfer station we have a deluge of buses coming from the west side heading downtown.

The 11 route extends from the Camelot apartments on Stanton all the way to the downtown transfer station.  The bus comes to each bus stop every 65 minutes.

Route 14 covers from Redd and Westwind to the downtown transfer station.  A different bus comes by every 35 minutes.

The 15 runs from the west side transfer station to the downtown transfer station.  These buses arrive every 35 minutes just like the 14.

We also have the Brio that runs on that route every 10 minutes during peak times.

The result is that we have a bus every 6 minutes from near Glory Road headed downtown.

We could do better

Routes 11, 14 and 15 could drop their passengers off at Brio stations and serve their neighborhoods more frequently.

Route 11 would take 15 minutes to run from Camelot to Glory Road (with a deeper neighborhood penetration) if the bus would drop its passengers at the Glory Road transfer station and then head back into the neighborhood.  It could service each stop (one inbound, the other outbound) every thirty minutes instead of every 65 minutes.

Route 14 could drop its passengers at a Brio stop on Mesa at Festival and cut its travel time by 1/2 or double its frequency in the neighborhood.

The only reason Route 15 makes sense to me at this point is that the Brio does not stop at regular bus stops.  The distance between the Balboa Brio stop and the Festival stop is 1.2 miles.  If you live in the middle you have a half a mile hike to catch a Brio.  Between the Monticello Brio and stop and Executive Center you have about 1.5 miles.  Contrary to what the Sun Metro web site says, stations are not “about a mile apart”.  The 15 could turn around at Glory Road leaving its passengers to take the Brio downtown.

Clang, Clang, Clang goes the trolley

When they start building the streetcar lines Oregon street will be a mess.  The river of buses go both north and south on Oregon and a major part of the road will be closed for construction.

Once the construction is over the buses will have to swerve out of their lane in order to pass the streetcars that have stopped to pick up or drop passengers off.

We deserve better


9 Responses to Bus overload

  1. Homeowner777 says:

    With the rebuilt and refurbished old, 1940’s El Paso Streetcars. . .
    That will cost 2-3 million EACH to rebuild. . . .
    What are the odds of them getting in wrecks with drunk drivers and with uninsured drivers and drivers from Mexico with no insurance.
    I don’t KNOW if regular vehicle insurance will cover a 3 Million Dollar vehicle loss.
    2-3 Million Dollar vehicles (the rebuilt Streetcars) would be like putting the world’s most expensive and exotic cars on the street.

    These streetcars will not be able to be replaced once wrecked badly. There are 6 of them. And then there are no more.
    ANY insurance company could replace the Brand New Streetcars, like they have in Tucson, by just Ordering one, but these. . .NO.

    World’s most expensive streetcars. . . (or of any vehicle) riding amongst untrained drivers and amongst uninsured drivers.

    After several wrecks (or even ONE wreck) will the city’s insurance company still want to be involved in this?
    What New Rates and How High will THOSE insurance payments be?

    . . . .On the . . . . TOTALLY Irreplaceable World’s Most Expensive Vehicles.


  2. hunty wood says:

    Roll the dice is correct. they tinted those windows like a limo so we couldnt see how many seats are empty until the sun is about to set. what a scam. a 400k$ bus will take years from penny ante


  3. homeowner777 says:

    The current Mayor used to read these articles and blogs and thats how he got involved in running.
    I wonder if anyone at City Council now reads these articles, blogs and posts to get SOME idea of what the public is thinking and worried about?


  4. tBusch says:

    When was a kid in Chicago a few decades ago I took the bus everywhere. The buses were almost always filled to capacity. When I visit my kids in Brooklyn, NY and take public transportation it’s usually standing room only. We have spent 10s of millions of dollars on new state of the art buses that hardly anybody uses. In a poor community. I’d love to hear somebody that was involved in the planning of this project try to explain what they were thinking. Did they think that more buses work create a demand for public transportation? Sheesh.


  5. Roll the Dice says:

    What about the computerized trash cans downtown? The trash trucks still have to travel the same route for the computer to transmit if it’s full or not. So where’s the savings in fuel and time? How long does it take to empty a trash can.

    The Brio buses are total waste of money. When the sun hits the bus windows just right or at night. It’s very easy to inside, a driver and maybe one or two passenagers. The regular buses were usually empty so the El Paso solution was to buy even bigger buses(Brio). This is the same thinking with the airport and rental cars. Less air traffic and passenagers, so the El Paso build a bigger airport and rental car facility. As though larger facilities produces more tourists! The HOT is a failure. The Bowling Tournament will temporarily increase revenue so don’t the bs about the sure to come stories about millions and millions of dollars of business.

    Initially people will ride the trolley because it’s different. The question but will it enough business to recover the costs for building the track, restoration of one trolley(estimated almost a million), overhead power lines. I am surprised that the bs was swallowed that it was sure to draw mass amounts of tourists.

    There are a lot more wasteful and unnecessary projects, too many to list. Notice I stated “unnecessary”. Like the sayin ” don’t confuse wants with needs”.


  6. They are good at spending money, but totally lack any sense when it comes to thinking about the results, huh?


    • Reality Checker says:

      It’s like buying a BMW for a person who can’t drive and also doesn’t have the sense of responsibility necessary to take care of the car.


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