Note to the Times

A copy of this email was sent to us.  We redacted the email address and phone numbers.

From: Dan Wever []
Sent: Friday, January 23, 2015 2:01 PM
To: ‘Lindsey Anderson’; ‘Bob Moore — Editor EPT’
Subject: Figures you might be able to use from TEA website

Lindsey these are a quick look at what a school brings in and what it costs the district to run it for 1 year.

Questions call xxx-xxxx.

These figures are for 2012-2013 last year available.

Enrollment = 62.884

Total Revenue All Funds, Local tax, State help, Federal help = $590,862,929

Therefore each student is worth $590,862,929 divided by 62,844 which is $9,396 to the EPISD

Let’s look at one of the South side schools  that has been named to close, Beall elementary.

The enrollment in Oct of 2013 was 480 students so how much money did these students bring into the EPISD  $9,396 times 480 = $4,510,117

So how much did it cost the EPISD to keep this school open for this year 2012-2013

This data is for school year 2011-2012 and it is the last year available so the figures are not a 100% a valid comparison but I can assure you that they are very close to the 2012-2013.

Expenditures per Student

                                                                Beall                      EPISD AVG.

Total Operating Expenditures       $7,443                        $8,360

Instruction                                         $5,499                        $5,008

Instructional Leadership                      $63                             $88

School Leadership                               $459                            $501

So we have a cost to EPISD to keep this school open of $3,572,640 or they made a profit of $937,477

Of course we know that the ADMINISTRATIVE costs are not included in the School Report Card (Expenditures per Student) and I guess this profit is not enough, so we need to put these children on busses and send them to a school that makes more profit.


Xavier share as you like

8 Responses to Note to the Times

  1. Funny thing about that statement that costs go up for high school parents. As a parent, I can tell you that yes, they do indeed. But, that includes out of pocket costs to the family, as well. Consider what it costs a parent for their child to participate in, oh, let’s say Track. At one High School, admittedly not in EPISD, the parents had to pony up a hundred bucks for uniforms only to learn that the kids must compete with each other on a weekly basis to see who gets to go to the actual track meets!


  2. Deputy Dawg says:

    I suspect that they (the Jacob’s study) are looking at the projected demographics of the neighborhoods: How many school age children will be in that neighborhood in 5, 10, 20 years.They are also looking at the cost to actually keep the physical building up and working…What will be the cost to keep the building running in 5 years, 10 years and so on. The older the campus, the more the cost of upkeep, just like a house.

    Remember that as an “average,” as Mamboman pointed out, half of the schools are lower, half are higher. The statistic really does not mean anything taken by itself. That is why relying on a single data point, in this case average cost per student per school, is close to useless.

    High school students are generally more “expensive” than elementary students because of things like major sports, arts, fine arts programs. High schools would be in the higher cost per student number. As would schools with higher numbers of special needs students What does that mean? Nothing..


    • Brutus says:

      This is another area where the lack of an effective in-fill policy in El Paso is costing us money.

      We now have schools that we used to need but because of changes in population patterns are becoming empty.



      • Deputy Dawg says:

        Brutus, you are correct.
        But that is not the fault of the district, nor should the district be be held to some unattainable standard when they are at least trying to address the future spending and usage. Dan Wever’s email is pretty much meaningless as I described in another reply.

        This is piss poor planning at the city level and allowing the city to spread out like spilled water on a glass surface. There is no plan that I know of to reclaim old abandoned neighborhoods. Instead, we just keep building OUT…that is why there is growth on the outlying school districts and shrinking population in the EP and Y ISDs.


  3. And, it would be so easy to cut administrative costs, since there is such a load of waste in every district’s administration! Plus, each campus wastes a lot of money in buying things that never get used, are obsolete the day they are purchased, require additional items in order to work at all (but those never get purchased because the “cost” is too high), and then, at the end of the school year, a rush is on to spend the money remaining in the budget, so next year’s budget won’t be cut. I have seen it first hand, and it ain’t pretty.


  4. Deputy Dawg says:

    I was wondering when Brutus would officially turn his blog into the old Paul Strelzin Discussion Forum. With the addition of the always specious one note Dan Wever, it is official: March 7, 2015.


    • mamboman3 says:

      One post does not a blog make. I liked the Strelz and Dan too. Always good to hear from all sides.

      If the average EPISD operating costs were higher than the Beall figures, there are obviously some schools even higher. Are some schools getting too much of a share? These Beall figures show that they are not operating at a loss at Beall , so why would they want to close it down. I wonder about the ones where they are spending too much and not worrying about it….westside, maybe?


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