Questions for council candidates #2 (streets)

We encourage readers to send their questions to so that we can publish them as posts since posts get more readership than comments.

Today’s suggested question is:

What are your thoughts about the condition of our city streets and what will you do to put your thoughts into action?

We deserve better


11 Responses to Questions for council candidates #2 (streets)

  1. archaic578 says:

    Go to the City of El Paso Transportation website and you will find the “Great Streets” Program. They have just had a series of public meetings. The press releases went out with one day notice for every public meeting. I sent an email protesting this to the city but it kept happening. I went to the first meeting. They did not recognize that streets are designed to carry flood waters at that meeting. They are more interested in making multiple uses easier for walkers, bicyclists, those using wheelchairs, etc. This is fine but when the streets are flooded no one is going anywhere. Someone died in the Diana Ditch in September in NE and still there is no railing to prevent it from happening again.


    • Sad El Pasoan says:

      They have no respect or consideration for our welfare. They are only creating projects to benefit themselves $$$$. How much does it cost to prevent another accident from happening? A lot less than the “windmills or pieces of pipes put together” on Airways and I-10.


      • archaic578 says:

        I could not find the “Great Streets” Program on the City website on April 4. I will have to make an open records request to obtain the PowerPoint presented to Council. If they want public comment why not put it on the city website?


  2. hunty wood says:

    dear larry romero. i know suze byrd didnt finish the repaving of copia. it ended at Hueco. it sucks all the way up to pierce. please have it finished. my new suv cannot take the shakes.


    • Helen Marshall says:

      I HATE driving on Copia in that section and try to avoid it by going through the residential streets. WHY leave a major street like that unfinished???


  3. John, isn’t that city council’s operating procedure. Having maintenance crews that always leave buildings beyond repair.


  4. rose guevara says:

    Streets are a quality of life for ALL el pasoans.


  5. rose guevara says:

    you can’t tell the difference between the patches and the faded striping


  6. Jerry Kurtyka says:

    There are probably comparative measures with similar cities that look at the resurfacing cycle, condition, use, etc. I would like to know how El Paso stacks up to, say, San Antonio? Every city has similar functions, so how does El Paso compare?

    Brutus showed us how EPISD was about average for Texas schools and that gave us some perspective to see that it wasn’t as bad as we tend to expect.


  7. Helen Marshall says:

    Any business person considering locating here would surely think more than twice after driving down any street in, say, Kern Place or Sunset Heights.


  8. I guess all we can do is continue to hammer this point in to members of Council, and constantly remind them that their focus on other, costly issues, has led to direct neglect of our streets. Now, unfortunately, it is going to cost more to repair streets than it would have if we’d given them proper maintenance all along. Just fix the damn streets.


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