San Jacinto Stalled

With March having come and gone I thought I’d look to see how the destruction is going at San Jacinto Plaza.

They have been working on the project since January of 2014 so we are now 14 months into it.  The original completion date was set for January of 2015.

As of the end of March 2015 this is what the city’s web camera showed:


The city is working diligently on this project.  Here is what the camera showed in January of this year :


We deserve better


9 Responses to San Jacinto Stalled

  1. Man in the Moon says:

    Mismanagement of tax payers dollars is what El Paso government does best. You guys pay for a Porsche and end up getting a Yugo. LOL!


  2. hunty wood says:

    didnt Basiq idiq get that contract with the lowest bid. were gonna pay way more for this. foster offered. next time he offers, take the damn thing. not a bright bunch at city hall.


  3. M.T. Cicero says:

    Richard Bonart: how do u feel about this? How will these projects be handled when u are on the council?


  4. Haiduc says:

    A classic Government run program…


  5. Helen Marshall says:

    PS I understand from Parks that no matter who designs a project, the construction is always managed, if that’s the right verb, by Engineering.


  6. homeowner777 says:

    Jeepers. . . Ive done more that that in my own back yard !
    (and I really have not done anything. . . ..except water to get the weeds growing again.)

    Maybe they should have called this: “The San Jacinto Ballpark” and it would have been finished in 4 months.

    or . . . just give the City Council baseball caps that say: “San Jacinto Ballpark”. . . and it would have gotten done !


  7. Helen Marshall says:

    Parks and Recreation (and the focus is on the latter) has a small staff and seems overwhelmed. It does not even provide staff or financial support to the two biggest parks, Keystone and Rio Bosque (the latter now technically owned by the PSB), but relies on non-profts to build and run them. Not clear if Parks had any role in designing this re-do. I’ve heard from people in a position to know that Foster had a design done at his own expense as he rehabbed the Mills Building, but the city trashed that and hired an outside firm on advice of Nestor Valencia. And of course the decision not to provide restroom facilities is going to impact the Mills Building big time!


  8. Jerry Kurtyka says:

    Same story on Country Club.


  9. It truly boggles the mind, doesn’t it? I still want to know why the City’s own Parks Department couldn’t have done this destruction? I mean, we still have a Parks Department, don’t we? Or, did they tear it down, along with City Hall? We do, indeed, deserve better. But, if people continue to stay away from the polls, we don’t stand a chance of ever achieving better.


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