Explanation from the Times

Could it be that the Times is working to overcome their challenges understanding ethics?

Their editorial the other day contained some real gems when read in light of their coverage of the last few years.  They wrote:

“But truth isn’t particularly important when you have an agenda to promote.”

Yes, we’ve seen that from the Times.

Near the end of their editorial they printed this:

“Being repeatedly wrong won’t deter the spreaders of misinformation.  They will continue to prey on the fears of some people for their own benefit — to raise money, build audiences, gain votes.”

I guess they are telling us not to expect them to change anytime soon.

They closed with:

“The frequent canards don’t help us on that journey, but they can’t be allowed to deter us.”

We agree.

We deserve better


3 Responses to Explanation from the Times

  1. Man in the Moon says:

    I do not know any one still read the times since most news reports in it is several days old.


  2. Deputy Dawg says:

    I will believe that they have overcome their ethical challenges when they stop putting the Chihuahua’s scores and articles on the front page. When they stop giving free advertising to the local robber barons, then I will believe. When they stop parroting the PDN group’s talking points, then I will believe. When they actually do a real invesigative piece of journalism which is not merely pouring over 1000’s of emails they get from a FOI act request, then I will believe.
    Until then, as my dad used to say: SSDD.


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