Please vote

Today is the first day of early voting.  I plan to do it today.  I hope you will too.

Many people feel that voting is futile–that they will be out voted.

When citizens don’t vote the incumbents feel that they are free to do whatever they want, after all the citizens don’t care enough to have their voices heard.  If more of us voted our elected officials would be more mindful of how the public feels and thus less harm would be done.

Whether you vote the way I will or you vote differently, the simple act of voting puts our elected officials on notice that they are being watched.

Please vote–else we won’t deserve better.



5 Responses to Please vote

  1. homeowner777 says:

    I don’t think ANYONE knows what all the ramifications are on each item on the ballet.
    The items placed on ballots are not necessarily legal and they don’t say what happens if you vote one way or the other. Its a trick and the public only has to go on what one side may have told them.

    I still have those GIANT Post Cards sent to most homeowners that say: “The Baseball Stadium will not cost the property taxpayers one cent.”

    Use to be One forum (The local newspaper) that would give both sides of the issue (But one side would be biased) and not several, the newspaper, TV, Internet, forums, etc. No one can keep up with all of that.
    So now you’d have to be a full time Private Eye to dig far enough to find out the truth.


  2. U says:

    thats vote a blank ballot


  3. U says:

    people need to know that they can volt a blank ballot if they wish. its a perfect way to register your disappointment in your leaders. so go vote that blank ballot


  4. Reality Checker says:

    They know they are being watched. That’s why they do so much business in back rooms. We get to watch them take care of their big campaign contributors who are likewise watching out for them. It’s sickening to watch.


  5. We will mail our ballots in as soon as we fill them out.


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