Why all at once?

Is it a surprise to any of us that our chamber of commerce has come out in support of the Ysleta Independent School District $451 million bond issue?

The chamber represents businesses.  Architects, engineers, construction companies, building material suppliers are members of the chamber and will benefit from the spending.

YISD tells us that they are facing declining enrollment.  They also have a lot of maintenance issues that they have not been addressing on a year to year basis.

It makes sense that schools need to modernize to educate students in this 21st century.

What does not make sense to me is that all of this needs to be undertaken as a single $451 million investment.  As we have seen at the city they will have a hard time managing all of this at once.

Why not break this down into smaller segments so that they can show us that they can handle projects effectively?  Why ask for all of the money up front?  I’m afraid we all know why.

Voters in the Ysleta district should pay particular attention to this statement found on the district’s web site:

All dollar amounts are preliminary estimates and such estimates and the projects themselves are subject to change. Inclusion of a specific project in the Facilities Master Plan is the Board’s current intention to implement such project but actual use of any voter-approved bond funds will be determined by subsequent action of the Board of Trustees.

Trust me, I’m with the government.

We deserve better



5 Responses to Why all at once?

  1. Reality Checker says:

    Why aren’t steps being taken to consolidate all of the El Paso County school districts so that some overhead and administrative costs could be shared?


  2. Reality Checker says:

    Much of El Paso’s economic growth in recent years has been a result of billions of dollars in non-recurring local, state and fed construction projects. It’s like an economy on crack. The Chamber knows that without continued government spending, the El Paso economy is toast, especially if Bliss also experiences cutbacks.


  3. Fred Borrego says:

    There is not a tax dollar that this Chamber of Commerce wants to get its hands on. Remember when members of this chamber were corrupting elected officials and vice versa ?


  4. maxhiggs says:

    Brutus, I have always supported public education. I have never voted against any school bond issue. I am sad to say I agree completely with your assessment and recommendation.


  5. To date, I am just glad that we do not live within either EPISD boundaries, or those of YISD. It is bad enough to be within the city limits these days, but to be saddled with such poorly administered school districts as well, would be truly difficult.


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