Financing paint

Looking at the Ysleta Independent School District $451 million bond issue material that the district has on it’s web site I am surprised to see the amount of maintenance expenses they are asking to be funded.

This link should take you to the plan for Bel Air high school.

It seems that they want to spend $12.6 million to repair the school.  An example is the $286,000 that they want to repaint the walls in the main building.  In fact it looks like the entire $12.6 million is to be spent on things that should be on a pay as we go basis.

Financing paint

Good grief.  The next thing we know they will be taking out a loan to buy breakfast.

We deserve better


4 Responses to Financing paint

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ask them why we are paying $82 sqft to replace windows. Do the math on the windows being replaced and you will see. While they show somewhat reasonable costs for replacing roofs or carpeting the hidden treasure is what we will be charged for windows and doors etc.. That is how the $12 million to fix BAHS is a made up number when in reality it could be done for much less or half. Your commenters are correct when they say the ISDs inflate the costs so they can use the leftovers for their enjoyment


  2. Reality Checker says:

    We might as well be taking out loans to pay for some of the big administrative salaries and contracts. Those people get hired and get their salaries, cars, housing, travel, bonuses, and nice annual increases, while things like maintenance are neglected.


  3. The reason you won’t get a satisfactory answer to your question about why this isn’t an ongoing maintenance cost is because YISD has too long neglected ongoing maintenance, district wide. Janitors may be physically present on the various campuses, but their job requirements only vaguely resemble what we think of when we think of maintenance men, janitors, or the like. For one thing, and for whatever reasons, they all have too many duties that have little or nothing to do with maintenance, and for another thing, they are notorious for never having the time to take care of any little request to change a light bulb, let alone keep up with painting.


  4. Deputy Dawg says:

    Why not just call them and ask “Why does this need to be a bond issue and not an ongoing maintenance cost?” Then post the response on the blog. Here is the number: James D. Booher, AIA
    School District Architect (915) 434-0090


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