EPISD Conservator?

We received a note through Xavier Miranda.  It addresses the possibility that a conservator will be named for the El Paso Independent School District board.

The Times wrote an editorial the other day that opposed the naming of a conservator.  From the editorial:

TEA says that the appointment of a conservator — who has veto power over school board actions — was suspended, not ended, when the Board of Managers took office, So Williams could reactivate a conservator when the Board of Trustees takes office next week, even though the EPISD currently does not meet any of the legal requirements for such a sanction. The El Paso legislative delegation in February wrote Williams a letter asking that the new trustees be allowed to “fulfill their duties without constraint.”

The note from Xavier Miranda:

EPISD Conservator?

Dear Xavier,

On Monday, we will see seven very capable and talented people certified and sworn in as EPISD Trustees. Each brings unique skills and talents to what has the promise of being a great team.

However, in all probability, based on reports from multiple sources, Commissioner Williams will appoint Mr. Margo as the Conservator of the EPISD. This would give Mr. Margo or whoever absolute veto power over our elected representatives to further his agenda.

In other words, we will have one-man rule in EPISD. That, by any other name is a dictatorship. This move by Commissioner Williams will nullify two elections for all practical purposes.

This is the respect the Commissioner has for the voters of El Paso.

A Monitor that approaches the job from the perspective of a coach and mentor as the Trustees learn the mechanics of functioning as a Board might be good and warranted. However, Conservator, be it Mr. Margo, or who ever, with unlimited veto power is not what EPISD needs.

We’ve already had one Emperor, and that did not work out well. We don’t need another.

And, no, your Federation is not taking this affront to Democracy, lying down. So, join me Monday at 4:00 for a Certification of a democratic election and swearing in of our elected representatives. And, there is a real good chance we will get to see a coronation by the Commissioner as well.

I hope these reports are wrong and elected representation prevails, but… We’ve had an interesting ride here in EPISD.

In Solidarity,

One Response to EPISD Conservator?

  1. Deputy Dawg says:

    Ross Moore and Dee Margo have a contentious relationship at best. It is no wonder that he doesn’t like the idea of Dee Margo assuming Dr. Judy Castleberry’s place, who has been in the district overseeing things for about 3 years, especially after Dee Margo let him have it at the final Board of Managers meeting. (Would Ross Moore be so against a conservator if the conservator was say, the head of the Texas AFT or some other teacher organization? Probably not.) Of course, if the newly elected board do their job properly, then any supposed Conservator would have very little to do. I suspect that the state will appoint a monitor, not a conservator. Less power, only makes reports to the commissioner.


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