Saved from nothing

A loyal reader pointed this situation out to me.

According to the Times our new city manager has saved us $3.5 million dollars through personnel cuts.

Good for him.  I mean it and thank him for his efforts.

Can’t wait

I can’t wait to get my refund check.

I can’t imagine that would actually happen.  It would take city council deciding to save us the money.

Instead they will find something else that they think that we “need” or at least that they think we will not stop them from spending.

As it turns out the new fee/tax they imposed on us through the water utility was not necessary.  Dare we think that they should rescind it?

Now all of the old deputy city managers are gone.  That tells us what the new city manager thinks of the old organization.  Once again I am happy to agree with him.

Bad things happened to local businesses under the old regime.

We deserve better


6 Responses to Saved from nothing

  1. Disgusted says:

    Oh yeah? You should see how much money the city manager spends using his city credit card for his own lunch! Not only that but his housing and his friend Nancy Bartlett’s housing and travel expenses. Training for the Lean 6 Sigma trading isn’t cheap. We even pay for the city managers office drinking water!


  2. Good Governance Oxymoron says:

    According to this EP Inc report the “savings” was only about $1 million.

    This is like saying “I saved $40 K because I did not buy a new car.”
    Not budgeted, not allocated = not a budget cut.

    On the very positive side it appears one of the most unqualified and destructive “former” directors is on his way out


  3. archaic578 says:

    Saved money that was not being spent, I think asking about cutting fees etc reveals the obfuscation.


  4. mamboman3 says:

    But when you save money by cutting personnel and piling on their jobs to somebody else’s job then somethng’s got to give. There’s that law in economics or something called “opportunity cost.” You do one thing and it costs you the loss of the one you didn’t do. The 24 hours in a day doesn’t ever change. I read with dread how he’s piled on duties to other individuals and I’ve heard from a few even before he did this that were unhappy about the city not filling some positions of people who leave. So then…who is supposed to do their jobs? Tommy, himself, made his own job easier by hiring his top alpha dog assistant so maybe he doesn’t believe in what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. .As for savings, I’m still waiting for a tax break.


    • Reality Checker says:

      Not only did the city manager create a new highly paid Chief Performance Officer position for a friend, he also has two — count them, 2 — assistants. Their titles are:

      City Manager Assistant I
      City Manager Assistant II

      Did he subtract the cost of the new Chief Performance Officer position and any other new costs from the hypothetical “savings”? The highly touted Six Sigma program is not free.

      Savings? I believe this reported savings is all public relations. Don’t let your guard down.


  5. Jerry Kurtyka says:

    “Soft” costs, not real money until it is cut from the budget 🙂


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