Two poor choices

David K. over at Refuse the Juice nailed it in this post about the proposed wage theft ordinance.

He points out that the city is considering an ordinance that worded the way it is would allow the city to deny any business city permits for up to five years if they lose an employee wage claim–even if the employer then promptly pays the judgment.

This situation is another example of the problems we have in the city attorney’s office.  Either the proposed ordinance language is incredibly sloppy and inept or the intent of the ordinance is evil.

Either way,

We deserve better


2 Responses to Two poor choices

  1. Reality Checker says:

    So we’re a business friendly city, huh.


  2. It also has to do with the “close the barn door after the horse gets out” school of thought. No response to a given situation until it affects one or their cronies (or supporters), and then use overkill. “Boy, that’ll teach ’em!”


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