Can it be?

I heard a rumor the other day that I hope is true.

A supplier to the El Paso Independent School District mentioned that in talking with some of the EPISD officials he/she  was told that the district would be curtailing their budget expansion and was actively developing strategies to manage their shrinking enrollment without asking for a bond election.

The district may turn out to need extra money.  If they ask for it I hope that they will consider the failed Ysleta bond issue.  The Ysleta voters might have approved some funds if the school officials had not asked for so much money in a single transaction.

My feeling is that the voters have little trust in the ability of our local governments to effectively manage projects.  Massive cost overruns and extended project delays are the norm lately.  We need to see some successes before we might become comfortable.

Let’s hope that the EPISD administrators have gotten the message.

We deserve better




2 Responses to Can it be?

  1. Deputy Dawg says:

    There will be an upcoming election where voters will be asked to approve moving some tax funds around. The result: ZERO change in tax but the district will end up getting millions in state revenue. Of course, the voters have to approve it. It is called a “penny swap” TRE election.

    Did you get that? No new taxes. Millions more in revenue.
    Let me repeat for the hard of hearing or the disbelievers: NO NEW TAXES but millions in new state revenue.


    • Reality Checker says:

      George H. W. Bush also once said: “Read my lips: No new taxes.” We all know how that turned out. So, yes; call me a disbeliever.


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