Good news from YISD?

We get to report some good news today.

I am often disturbed when talking with youngsters to learn that they never took the scholastic aptitude test (SAT) or the ACT while in high school.  Many universities require the test.  Some of these kids don’t think that they will be going to college and skip the test.  Later some of them decide that they do want to go to college and have to take one of the tests.  Most of them would have been better off to take the test while still in high school.

The August 12, 2015 Ysleta Independent School District board of trustees meeting agenda includes two items that pay for every student to take tests, thus removing cost from the decision as to whether to take the test or not.

Agenda item 11 was to authorize a contract that would pay for each 11th grader to take the ACT test.

Item 12 considers paying for the Preliminary SAT for each 10th and 11th grader.

I don’t know if the items were approved but most agenda items are.



4 Responses to Good news from YISD?

  1. Mandy Chew says:

    That is fantastic news. Until the educators of our community (that includes the Boards that have control over the funding) recognize the significance, importance and resolute commitment this entails for our future, we are all lost. Here is to YISD for their forward thinking, their vision and their stalwart commitment to the education of our youth and the future of our City.

    Mandy Chew


  2. Jerry K says:

    Go to UTEP. All you need is a diploma and a pulse.


  3. homeowner777 says:

    They SHOULD teach them:

    WHY learn.
    How to learn.
    When to learn.
    How to use what they have learnt.

    Its a Process.

    The tests are “OK” to get into college, but that’s about it.
    After that. . . . . they are. . . On Their Own.

    One thing they should always do. . . . is learn music.
    Read music, play music, KNOW all of the musical genres.
    (Not just what is current.)

    As far back as 1972, Ive been preaching. . .
    You HAVE to KNOW a typewriter keyboard.
    (And of course, that is now a Computer Keyboard. Same thing.
    Most jobs are based on knowing how to type.

    So, now I am also preaching that you HAVE to know music and play at least piano and should also learn guitar.

    And never give those up.
    Not necessarily for “profit” or livelihood. . . but for sanity.

    For relaxation, for fun, for continually developing your mind and making those connections in your brain that learn and solve problems.

    Music programs in school are VERY important.
    Those benefits are not necessarily SEEN at the time they are happening. And the value may not be measured while in school, But, there WILL BE untold benefits along the way.

    Right out of High School kids are saying: “There’s nothing to do. There’s nothing do.”
    The smart kids, if they feel that way, can play music, for themselves, to themselves and KNOW that there is Plenty to do and lots to learn.

    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::OK:::::::::::::::::::::::::: Now back to your regularly scheduled program:::::::::::::::::::::::::


  4. Meanwhile, the national news has more than once lately reported that colleges and universities across the land are leaning away from using those tests at all. So, who is one to believe? Personally, since public education has become all about test taking anyway, I agree that perhaps these are no longer relevant. Maybe we just need somebody to focus on teaching our kids, and returning to the idea that education is much more than taking tests.


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