Freshman Baloney

One of our new city representatives is now claiming that she did not know that she is required to make all emails and text messages that she sends or receives on her personal electronic accounts available to the city.

Why not?

Even those of us  that live under rocks know that the city has gone through a lengthy battle about this issue over the last few years.  One would think that someone who wants to be a city representative would have followed that battle and would know what the requirements are.

It is also hard to believe that new council members are not given training about what their powers and responsibilities are.

We deserve better


4 Responses to Freshman Baloney

  1. taxpayer 13 says:

    She was not pushing for Downtown in her emails — she was pushing to get appointed to the MPO so she and her boyfriend Perez could control that board for the county’s benefit. This is one scary-dumb woman. Her language in the texts show her lack of character and call for her to develop a broader vocabulary.


  2. There is no need for training, just annual reminders. In this day, anyone working in an office knows “Don’t use the computer for personal reasons and don’t conduct personal business on the company’s dime”.

    She knew. It was arrogance and the addiction of power that led her and others to believe it would be easy to fool everyone. In her defense, some of the bad decisions were naïveté.


    • Reality Checker says:

      The definition of naïveté is a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment. One synonym is immaturity. Anywhere else, she would be in the wrong job, but those things seem to be par for the course for people who hold office in El Paso. Public officials here don’t concern themselves with ethics until their bad behavior becomes public. That’s when they have that “oh sh*t” moment and they start trying to cover their tracks.


  3. It is also hard to believe that someone could feel that they are qualified to serve on City Council, but in need of constant direction from an outside source during meetings. But, wait, this is El Paso City Council I’m talking about, isn’t it? The only qualification for that is apparently a need to fulfill one’s duties to whosoever paid for my campaign, and a desire to push for the revitalization of DTEP, to the point of totally neglecting the rest of the city.


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