Not competitive

The city’s new bike share program doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

Let’s say that someone worked in the main city hall building and they wanted to deliver one of their totally objective press releases to the Times so that the Times could publish it as though it was the product of investigative reporting.

The city worker could walk out of city hall and use the bike share depot that is located adjacent to city hall.  He/she would provide the machine with a credit card and would be charged $6 for 30 minutes of rental time.

Our worker could then pedal over to the Times building but would probably want to deposit the bike in another depot so that it would be locked up while visiting the Times.  The nearest depot which appears to be at the Union Plaza, only a couple of blocks away.  Locking up the bike is a good idea since the charge for not returning one is $1,350.


Then again the worker could call Uber and get there for the same $6, without the walk or the risk of having to pay for a stolen bicycle.

We deserve better


10 Responses to Not competitive

  1. mamboman3 says:

    Now back to that Uber example. Won’t they need to call Uber again and be charged another $6 to get back to the office? Or was that $6 a round trip charge?


    • Brutus says:

      $6 each way with Uber.

      With the bike you will need to dock it at a station when you get near your destination so that it will not be stolen. Then you will need to spend another $6 to check a bike out to return home.



  2. homeowner777 says:

    Soooooooooo, if a person, especially from out of town or a tourist from China, rents a bike, then for whatever reason the bike goes missing/ stolen/ whatever . . . . and the same day calls their bank to report their credit card stolen and to close the account.
    No charges in and no more charges out.
    Account closed on that card.

    How will the city collect the $1,350.00 ?


  3. homeowner777 says:

    So, by using a stolen credit card, to rent a bike, a person can get an automatic $1,350.00 bike ?
    For free?
    Is that how it works?


  4. homeowner777 says:

    If a person who rented a bike, has a missing or stolen bike, can’t pay the $1,350.00, will they go to jail ?
    Picked up by the Sheriff’s Office?
    A Warrant for their arrest?
    If the person who rented the bike is from Mexico, how are they going to collect, when they cannot even collect for Mexican cars using the Toll Road?
    How to collect if the person is from Iowa that rented a bike, as a tourist, and now 2000 miles from here?
    Or Canada? Or Japan?


  5. And, how many people will ever use this misnamed “sharing” program?!


  6. homeowner777 says:

    How many bikes have been ridden / rented now?
    How much has the city collected so far?
    How many bikes are now damaged?
    How many bikes are now missing?

    Is there a web site or tally of the bike rental program going on where I can check these things since the city is suppose to be more transparent these days?


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