The political posturing continues unabated at city council.

Their Tuesday October 6, 2015 agenda includes this item:

Discussion and action to initiate a policy/ordinance that any Open Records Request (ORR) by a City Representative, all such request(s) must be paid for and that the use of staff time spent in hours and salary costs on the ORR be disclosed at a regular City Council meeting and placed on the regular agenda. To request that the 1994 City of El Paso Open Records Resolution be updated in accordance with the Administrative Code, Title 1, Chapter 70 and Government Code, Chapter 552.

Our elected officials are also citizens and have the same rights as citizens.  They have the right to make Public Information Act Requests.  They also have the right to request government records in the performance of their duties–at no cost to themselves.

This is a petty attempt to discourage council members from making this type of request.

We deserve better


10 Responses to Infighting

  1. carlosinelpaso says:

    Well, lots of folks on this site were clamoring for Joyce’s head a little over a year ago.

    Hope you like her replacement!



    • Helen Marshall says:

      What makes you think that those of who were sick of Ms Wison were consulted on the replacement?


      • carlosinelpaso says:

        Didn’t say you were consulted, only that lots of people wanted her gone. Now we’ve got this man who doesn’t care at all about this city and will leave us with a HUGE bill when he leaves, probably sooner than later.

        I would take Wilson over this guy any day of the week.



  2. Reality Checker says:

    At Romero’s insistence, the city re-paved the street where he lives and an alley for two of his campaign donors.

    Romero then pushed through a big raise for the city manager, a raise that was much bigger than the raise called for in his contract.

    The city manager then hired Romero’s brother to help set up a consulting business. Neither will say how much money changed hands.

    The worst part of this is that none of the parties involved cares one iota about public perception. That shows unbridled arrogance and a screw-you attitude.

    Both the city manager and his chief performance officer have consulting businesses.

    These are the same people who refused to hire an El Paso law firm to help buy downtown real estate because they were concerned about local law firms possibly having conflicts of interest. The city manager sent the business to two out-of-town firms, one of which he used while city manager in Irving.

    Draw your own conclusions.


  3. Rodney Fender says:

    Maybe the city council should hire the city managers new consulting firm run by Mr. Romero’s brother to look into this. If it wasn’t so sad and probable I would be laughing instead of crying.


    • Helen Marshall says:

      Isn’t it wonderful that Mr. Gonzalez has enough free time in his $400,000 job to think about doing some consulting…and why not give Representative Romero’s brother a little business as a thank-you for that leadership on the $61K bonus. Family values, people!

      Needless to say it won’t be possible bidders for city contracts who hire Mr. Gonzalez and spouse, just their brothers and sisters…who could object to that???


      • mamboman3 says:

        The CM job has apparently has been neither challenging enough, nor lucrative enough, so now he can do consulting on the side, make that little extra dinero, and get the little woman in on the action as well. Romero’s got the local go-to contacts, so it’ll be win-win for everybody. Screw ethics and appearances as long as it’s legal.


      • Reality Checker says:

        The city manager’s highly paid chief performance officer, who he brought with him from Irving, also has a consulting business. He gave her a contract that allows her to do consulting on the side and pays for some of her travel to and from Dallas. Her annual salary and benefits total more than $200,000. Her Linkedin page shows her residence as the Dallas area and promotes her consulting business. She prefers not to mention her job with the city of El Paso or that she lives here. She and her consutling business are also featured on, which now has an arrangement with the city and is allowed to use the city seal on its website.


  4. mamboman3 says:

    Which of our esteemed reps would be the initiator of this proposal?


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