County failures

Last week saw more failures for our county judge.

Her county manager resigned after less than one year on the job.

Her county hospital administrator announced that he would not seek a new contract when his current one expires.  It looks like his action was part of a quid quo pro in the much heralded potential settlement between the county hospital and the children’s hospital.

We should try to find competent people to run for office and then work to get them elected.

We deserve better


5 Responses to County failures

  1. Jerry K says:

    There is one and only one solution to El Paso’s malaise and it is the solution that no one in power or manipulating power wants to see happen: an engaged citizenry that turns out at the polls.


  2. 🐏🐏🐏💸💸💸 says:

    Baffled is baffled because it is a perfect example of the voters that support our so called leaders. Even with characters the truth eludes it.


  3. anonymous says:

    It would help to get some people in office who have experience hiring and managing high-level managers and executives. Escobar’s bio says she has worked in non-profits, education, and local government, but is short on specifics. She clearly does not have the managerial skills or financial knowledge required to do her current job effectively. We need people who know how to govern and manage, not politicians.


  4. Baffled says:

    If anyone can translate this, please do.


  5. 🐏🐏🐏💸💸💸 says:

    There are competent people, the county has two political parties. The PINO, the party in name only. The SD, Stooges and Digression.

    Put some fire under PINO and maybe they will field viable candidates. Make the SD understand that just because digression ends with gression doesn’t mean it’s good. While the Three Stooges are funny, entertaining and liked, it doesn’t mean they should be presented as a template for candidates.

    That’s what’s wrong with the region. The (cough) judge 🍔🍟🍧🍕and her two lackeys🎭 are merely candidates that fit the Stooges template, therefore well liked. They like, the Stooges believe each one is smarter than the other. That is the problem at county and stupid decisions. Almost forgot their advisor 🃏

    Btw, what was done about using county time to manipulate the city (😂) council ? Oh, 🙈🙉🙊 and that’s how it was handled.


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