Another bid rejected

What’s going on with the city’s purchasing department?

We are seeing more and more recommendations from the department that all bids be rejected because of some universal failure on the part of all of the bidders.

The latest example is item 5 on the Tuesday, October 13, 2015 Sun Metro board meeting agenda.  The item is listed as:

Approve the request to reject all bids received for Solicitation No. 2015-981 (Bus Turbochargers) as recommended by the Purchasing and Strategic Sourcing Deparment and Mass Transit Department – Sun Metro. Bid submissions failed to furnish required OEM documentation.

Three bids were received and all supposedly failed to bid properly.  One would think that the people in the bus turbocharger business would be used to responding to government bids.

Could the problem be with the way the bid was written?  Is the city just fishing for pricing information?

More and more construction contractors are telling me that they don’t bid on city business anymore, partially because of the city’s history of taking bids, getting pricing, and rejecting all of the bids.

We deserve better


One Response to Another bid rejected

  1. Rodney Fender says:

    Do we smell corruption here or even worse illegal proedures by the city?


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