Potential forum

This came in from Xavier Miranda:


9 Responses to Potential forum

  1. Xavier Miranda says:

    Anyone interested in organizing a forum before March, email me at xmiranda5@gmail.com

    We would need a venue person, a contact and confirmation person, a media person, a canvassing team to knock on doors, phone bank folks, and four moderators with well-researched questions that reflect the community’s needs; and then a plan of action that results in authentic democracy.

    Commitment is required.


  2. FedUp says:

    Let’s do it ! Then start the recalls based on who doesn’t show and who just mumbles BS answers


  3. vote no to city charter amendments says:

    Please get the word out


    One of the amendments, I think the second, would allow city representatives to apply for city jobs.

    This goes well beyond conflict of interest and institulionalizes sytem abuse.

    This is nothing more than a “jobs program” to entrench sleazebag politicians like Steve Ortega into the system.


  4. Recall City Council says:

    Better to be an ankle biter than to be complacent and be known as a “licker”.


  5. Jerry K says:

    The only people who will attend are pissed off ankle biters like those who post here. Would you show up for that if you were an elected official?

    Better to enlist a partner that is not so aligned with the malcontents, e.g., League of Women Voters, Hispanic CoC, and let them host it.


    • mamboman3 says:

      So easy to put concerned, caring people into a category like ankle biters or crazies. Ankle biters vote too and want accountability from their representatives and elected officials. not a bad idea, tho, on Hispanic CoC or others.


  6. Recall City Council says:

    Great idea, but as you stated a lot will be charmed, some will miss the key phrases in the statements, some will be more interested in photos, some will be drone supporters and some won’t show.

    But, there is hope with people like Xavier. It is a strong indicator that people have had enough.

    My question is will a fierce q&a make a dent in their suit of indifference. Perhaps there should be more like Gurrola(sp?) that are organizing a recall. A recall of city council would send a very strong message to all.

    Thank you for the idea to Xavier


  7. mamboman3 says:

    Great idea! Put them on the hotseat. As for the downtown arena…here we go again!


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